6 Best Morning Exercises For Women

In their busy schedule, women often find it difficult to squeeze in time for exercising! However, if women can spare just thirty minutes, early in the morning, everyday, it will work wonders for their overall health. Morning exercises are usually beneficial due to environmental factors ( freshness, adequate rest at nigh) and high energy levels in the morning. These morning exercises are not just about losing weight, but also a great way to stay healthy and fit. Here are [...]

6 Ways To Treat Headache With Yoga

Headache is a common occurrence and happens to each one of us at some time or the other. However, unfortunately in case of many people this is a chronic problem and one of the most difficult to tackle. Headache can occur due to a number of reasons which include poor sleeping patterns, allergies, hunger, stress and even sinus problems. Poor posture can also lead to respiratory problem as blood circulation to brain is hampered which causes muscle tension and [...]

6 Warning Signs Of Dehydration

  Dehydration is caused mainly due to insufficient water in the body. It can cause several serious fatal complications which includes seizures, blood clots and other problems. Studies have revealed that mild dehydration can also adversely effect the energy levels and mood of an individual. It is important to recognize the warning signs of dehydration. Signs Of Dehydration Headache Our brain is said to sit on a fluid sack which keeps it healthy and functioning normally. This is what prevents it from bumping [...]

8 Bad Habits Which Cause Depression

Depression happens due to a number of reasons. Though it is curable, it takes time and lots of patience. Research has revealed that depression is avoidable, if we take care of a few things and not make them a habit. It's true, some of our habits can really influence the way we feel mentally. Check out some such habits which can lead to depression. Bad Habits Which Can Push You To Depression No Exercises At All Exercises are a must not just [...]

5 Ways Diabetes Causes Rapid Weight Loss

Diabetes and weight loss are closely associated! Diabetes causes weight loss which turns a chronic problem in many cases. There are several reasons for extreme weight loss in diabetic patients. Why Does Diabetes Cause Weight Loss Uncontrolled Conditions Uncontrolled diabetes which is accompanied by high A1C levels and high blood glucose level causes loss in fat from the body. It is so severe in many cases that it is almost impossible to gain back lost weight. Hyperthyroidism Diabetics often suffer from thyroid disorders. Thyroid [...]

6 Oily Hair Care Tips

Our hair needs regular care for its healthy shine and continuous growth. Lack of hair care routine can lead to hair fall, dandruff, rough dry hair and other hair problems. Oily hair is a typical hair problem, often a hereditary problem but can be caused due to environmental factors, stress factors or even diet. Oily hair needs regular care before it can lead to many other problems causing hair loss. How To Take Care Of Oily Hair Regular Wash Oily hair needs [...]

7 Ways To Feel Instantly Happy For Healthy Life

Life is too short to spend time feeling dejected and unhappy! Staying happy is important for our overall health and longevity. In spite of daily hardships and stressful lives, we should endeavor to keep ourselves happy and people around us happy too. Well - there are a few healthy ways to instantly feel happy - this sometimes acts as a great tonic and keeps away all stress and worry. Try any of these ways and you are not going [...]

12 Best Anti-Anxiety Foods In Your Diet

Research has revealed that foods play a vital role in how we feel. There are several food items which increase our stress levels while other foods help us calm down and feel better. People suffering from stress and anxiety should bring changes in their diet, to include foods that help in reducing anxiety. Anti-Anxiety Foods As A Part Of Diet Salmon Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which works as an antidepressant and helps people suffering from anxiety and stress. Another [...]

5 Yoga Postures For Autism

Autism is characterized by delayed or extremely slow motor development which needs plenty of training and therapies to get close to normal. However, there are many yoga postures which help in enhancing balance, stability, toning muscles, developing body awareness and coordination in autism. These yoga poses help in motor skill development too. Practicing these on a regular basis is certainly beneficial. How Yoga Can Help In Autism Disorder Cow Pose Start by getting your knees and hands on the mat. Your hands [...]

7 Side Effects Of Drinking Too Much Water

We all grow up knowing that he need to drink lots of water for proper functioning of all our organs and to maintain our metabolism. In an effort to keep oneself hydrated, we at times tend to drink too much water which is not at all good for our body. Check out some reasons why drinking too much water can be dangerous for you. How Dangerous Is Excess Drinking Water For You Water Poisoning Drinking too much water within a space of [...]

7 Hair And Skin Treatments With Honey

Honey is known for its many beneficial properties, its various uses in recipes, its many health benefits and its many uses for beauty purposes. There are several DIY beauty treatments which can be prepared with honey. You just need to mix ingredients in right quantities and your beauty pack will be ready in a few steps. Here are some of the best DIY options with honey. DIY Beauty Treatments With Honey Healthy Hair With Honey A wonderful hair pack for soft, smooth [...]

5 Super Foods For Healthy Eyes And Better Vision

Poor eye-sight, far sighted-ness, cataracts, damaged retina - there are several eye problems which can disrupt your normal life, if not taken care on time. It is important to ensure you are getting all those healthy nutrients which are important to keep your eyes in good condition. Children should be encouraged to have all foods which are healthy for the eyes. As we grow old, we need to have some such superfoods which will help to keep our eyes [...]

7 Home Remedies For Sweaty Hands

Sweaty hands is quite a common problem now a days with the ever increasing symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Today, in the race against time and in a bid to survive the tough competition we all are stressed at some point or the other and sweating palms is one of the side effects of this condition. How do we tackle this problem? Suppose you need to greet someone and just before putting forward your hand, you scuffle to wipe [...]

Effective Home Remedies For Large Pores

Large pores cause worry to many women who visit beauticians often in the hope to reduce the appearance of these pores or get rid of them permanently. However, we need to understand that large pores are caused mainly due to genetic factors and might not be removed permanently but you can definitely minimize them. Medicines and over the counter ointments are not recommended since these might adversely react with your skin - the best and risk free option is to [...]

Simple Home Remedies For Elbow Pain

Elbow pain can be taken care of with non-surgical treatments and to a large extent with easy home remedies. If you have been suffering from some form of elbow pain, tried several medicines and do not wish to go the surgical way, you can try out home treatment options which are effective in almost 90% cases. The best part is that you can continue these remedies as long as you wish as these do not have any side effects. However, [...]

Home Remedies For Easy Bowel Movement

Difficulty in passing bowels or constipation can be a real botheration and something which is not easily discussed with everyone. If you too are silently suffering from this kind of problem and looking for remedies, you just need to know a few home remedies which can help you in the long run. These remedies help in better digestion of food, soften your bowels and removes the problem of constipation which is the main reason for difficulty in bowel movement. These [...]

Home Remedies For Nail Care

Nails are one of the most neglected body parts though most of us believe that we are taking care of them adequately.  It is important to take care of your nails, just as you care for your hair and skin, as nails play an important role in our overall hygiene. Dirty overgrown nails, bad shaped or poorly maintained nails can spoil your overall appearance but unfortunately most of us do not realize this. There are a number of things you [...]