Prevent Hair Breakage

5 Tips To Prevent Hair Breakage

Hair breakage is one of the most important hair problems that both men and women face. Hair breakage usually occurs when the hair becomes excessively dry, brittle, weak, has split ends etc. Some of the reasons which cause hair breakage include rough handling of hair, using excessive hair styling products, perming, using hot irons for curling the hair, using severe and tight binding hair styles, physical stress, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances etc. However, one can easily prevent hair breakage, by following [...]

How To Prevent Obesity

According to World Health Organization(WHO), obesity has become a global problem and if the current trend continues, by 2015 there will be about 700 million obese people in the world.The problem at hand is no doubt serious but before we share how one can prevent obesity, lets understand what is obesity, how it is measured and what are the consequences to an individual who falls in the obese category. Obesity is a severe medical condition where the body accumulates excess [...]

How To Prevent Anxiety

An individual is said to be suffering from anxiety when he/she starts spending most of his time thinking about the "ifs" of Life. Anxiety starts creeping in when an individual becomes concerned about upcoming events that may or may not be true. This event most of the time is an imaginary response to negative thoughts mostly generated due to low confidence. And when a individual is low in confidence he or she is pre-occupied with unrelenting fears and worries [...]

How To Prevent Hair Fall Effectively

An individual looses hair due to a number of controllable as well as not so controllable reasons. Some of the reasons by which one can easily spot for hair loss are- wearing a helmet for too long, excess work load, family tension, work related stress and anxiety etc. An individual can even experience hair fall as a side effect of some medication taken for a long term, mineral deficiency or simply due to unhealthy diet. Sometimes, it has also been [...]

7 Important Tips On How To Prevent Asthma

Asthma is basically a chronic disease affecting the lungs of the individual. Asthma causes inflammation of the lung tissues and narrows the airways of the lungs. An individual suffering from asthma feels like a fish without water during an asthma attack.Asthmatic person often experiences a wheezing sound while breathing, coughing, labored breathing, tightness in the chest and shortness of breath. People of all age groups can be affected by Asthma attacks and its symptoms, however it is more pronounced [...]

8 Common Herbal Remedies For Stomach Pain

  Stomach Pain in simple terms can be described as a discomfort or pain experienced by the person in the abdomen. Stomach Pain maybe caused due to a variety of reason which maybe as simple as an indigestion caused due to unhealthy food habits or maybe an indication of other heath related issues like kidney stoney, stomach ulcers, hernia, appendix etc. A person suffering from Stomach Pain is usually very distressed and is unable to rest or work properly. (more…)

Remedies For Arthritis

10 Magical Herbal Remedies For Arthritis

Arthritis is a chronic ailment of the body which is caused due to inflammation of the joints. In Arthritis, the waste material and toxins in the body, get accumulated and solidified in the bones, resulting in inflammation and stiffness. Due to this, the joints of the body become enlarged, stiff , tender and painful to touch. A person suffering from arthritis is unable to put even slight pressure on the joints and subsequently the movement becomes very restricted. Arthritis is [...]

12 Important Herbal Remedies For Dry Skin

A person is said to be suffering from dry skin, if he/she experiences severe itching, redness and irritation of the skin. The skin loses its moisture and becomes dry, flaky and scaly in appearance. Dry skin is a very common problem that many people suffer from especially during the winter months and dry weather. People of all age groups can be affected with dry skin, however,  it is most commonly seen in elderly people, as the skin tends to loose [...]

How To Prevent Leg Cramps

Leg cramp is the pain which a person experiences in the leg due to sudden contracting of the leg muscles. These cramps are often very painful and may result in waking a person up from sleep. Leg cramps are very common and may affect people of all age group. Although, it is more commonly observed in people above 60 years and in pregnant women. Leg cramp usually occurs in the calf muscles and behind the knees. There is no definite [...]

How To Prevent Arthritis In 6 Easy Ways

Arthritis is a medical condition in which the joints of the body become inflammed and painfully stiff. Arthritis can effect people of all age group, however, is most commonly seen in people above 5o yrs of age. Arthritis is caused due to many factors like- deterioration of cartilage, metabolic problems, over active immune system, hormonal disorders, genetic problem, severe injury etc. There are about hundred types of arthritis affecting humans. The main symptoms of arthritis include- pain in the joints, [...]

8 Ways To Prevent Razor Burn Effectively

A person is said to be suffering from razor burn, if he/she experiences severe itching, rashes or irritation of the skin after shaving. Razor burn can appear on any surface of the skin, but is most commonly observed on the skin area that is sensitive like- face, underarms, bikini line, throat etc. The most common cause of razor burn is due to shaving very closely, against the grain, shaving with force and using a dull blade. Razor burn usually appear [...]

5 Easy Ways To Prevent Oily Skin

A person is said to be suffering from oily skin, when the sebaceous glands of the skin are overactive and produce more oil than is required. This causes the skin to appear greasy, oily and dull. Oily skin is more prone to acne, black heads, white heads and other skin related problems. The pores of an oily skin are enlarged and hence the skin appears coarse in appearance. Oily skin is mostly observed during the teenage years, as there is [...]

8 Magical Herbal Remedies For Sciatica

A person is said to be suffering from Sciatica, when he/she experiences acute pain in the lower back which radiates to both the legs, knees and thighs. Sciatica is basically caused due to compression of Sciatica nerve, which is the longest nerve in the body. The person experience nerve pain when the Sciatica nerve is irritated or inflammed due to various reasons like internal infection, injury, tumor, spinal disc herniation, pregnancy etc. People of all age group can be affected [...]

6 Best Tips To Prevent Split Ends

Split ends is a condition of the hair, in which the tips of the hair splits into multiple fragments due to dryness and poor hair maintenance. Split ends is a very common problem faced by many people and mainly occurs due to the destruction of the protective cuticle covering at the tip end of the hair. Split end mainly occurs due to ill treatment of the hair, over exposure to chemicals, sunlight, harsh shampoos etc. Split ends usually occur in [...]

Prevent Constipation

8 Easy Ways To Prevent Constipation

A person is said to be suffering from constipation, if he/she experiences great difficulty in passing stool and the frequency of passing stool is less than three times in a week. Constipation is mainly caused due to slow movement of stool through the colon, which results in more absorption of water from the stool. This makes the stool dry and hard, making it very difficult for the person to expel it. People suffering from constipation have an increased risk of [...]

Important Tips On How To Prevent Depression

Depression is basically a disturbance in the mental state of the person giving rise to feelings of inadequacy, hopelessness, despondency and lack of self esteem. The person becomes disturbed, troubles and has feelings of acute sadness. People loose interest in their surroundings and activities and tend to withdraw within. The main cause of depression is the inability of the person to deal with work pressure and stress arising from adverse situations. In extreme cases, person suffering from depression, if left [...]

9 Essential Tips To Prevent Miscarriage

Miscarriage is usually the medical term given to spontaneous expulsion of fetus from the body of a woman before it has had a chance to grow fully. Miscarriages usually are very common during the first three months of the pregnancy. Miscarriages are often caused due to problems in the proper development of the fetus or problems in implantation of the fetus in the uterus. Sometimes there is no particular known cause for miscarriages. The symptoms of early miscarriage is very [...]

8 Easy Tips On Preventing Vomiting

Vomiting is a phenomenon where in the person ejects the already consumed food material in the stomach through the mouth. Vomiting is usually preceded by a sensation of throwing up or nausea. Although, it is not always necessary that nausea may lead to vomiting. Vomiting is usually caused due to an upset stomach, undigested food or other health related issues like food poisoning, brain tumors, pregnancy etc. If the bouts of vomiting occur frequently and becomes uncontrollable, then it is [...]

How To Prevent Wrinkles

Wrinkles in simple term can be described as formation of fine lines or fold on the surface of the skin. The wrinkles are a natural aging phenomenon experienced by humans. As the person ages, the skin looses its elasticity and firmness, becoming thinner and drier. This causes sagging of the skin and gives rise to wrinkles on the overall skin of the body. The face of the person is the first place where the wrinkles start appearing. Wrinkles mainly appear [...]

8 Tips To Prevent Sweaty Armpits

Sweating is a natural process of the body to keep itself cool against the hot temperature. Sweaty armpits is a very common problem which affects almost everyone. However, in some people the sweating is more than the other and may lead to embarrassing situations.  Sweating of the armpits cause great wet stains to appear on the clothes under the arms resulting in embarrassing social situations. Sweating also is accompanied by bad stinky odor and yellow stains on the clothes. Excessive [...]

7 Easy Ways To Prevent Nosebleeds

Nosebleed also known as nasal hemorrhage or epistaxis is a medical condition which causes the nose to bleed. Nosebleeds mainly occur in the warm dry climate or during the winter months when the climate is dry. Nosebleeds primarily occurs due to the mucous membrane of the nose drying up and blood vessels of the nose rupturing. It is a very common condition in small children and in people taking blood thinning medications. It is advisable to seek medical advice if [...]

9 Tips To Prevent Kidney Stones Effectively

Kidney stones are basically hard crystallized stones made up of minerals and acidic salt. These stones are formed inside the kidney and are a source of great discomfort to the person. Kidney stones affect the whole urinary system and are very difficult to pass from the body. Kidney stones are a source of great pain and are usually passed through the urine. In extreme cases, surgery may be required for the removal of kidney stones. However, kidney stones do not [...]

Tips On How To Prevent Dandruff

Dandruff in simple words can be described as pieces of small dead skin on the scalp and hair. As the new skin cells are formed the dead skin cells are pushed out. These dead skin tissues of the scalp peal off and is called dandruff. Dandruff causes acute itching of the scalp and upon scratching it flakes off  and is white powdery in appearance. Dandruff is a very common problem which affects people of all age group. Fortunately dandruff can [...]

9 Ways To Prevent Bad Breath Easily

Poor oral hygiene is the main reason for bad breath. Bad breath also known as halitosis is mainly due to growth of bacteria inside gums, decay of teeth and deposit of plaque. Most of the time the person suffering from bad breath does not even know it and people around are too embarrassed to tell. Bad odor from the breath may also be caused due to other health related diseases like diabetes, respiratory infection, kidney problem etc. Other life style [...]

5 Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Sunburn

Sunburn is basically the inflammation of the skin due to over exposure in the sun. Sunburn causes the skin to redden and peal. In extreme cases even formation of blisters can take place which are very painful for the person. Repeated sunburn of the skin may even cause skin cancer in some people. (more…)

Symptoms Of Ascites

8 Most Important Symptoms Of Ascites

A person is said to be suffering from Ascites, if there is an accumulation of large amount of fluid in the abdomen lining also called as peritoneum. The fluid is usually pale yellow in color and clear in appearance. Usually small amount of fluids do not produce any symptoms in the body. Ascites is a common symptom which is associated with cancer of various types like stomach, pancreas, ovary, breast and colon. There is no definite known reason for the [...]

8 Common Symptoms Of Diverticulitis

A patient is said to be suffering from Diverticulitis, if the diverticula formed in the walls of the colon become infected and inflammed. Diverticula are basically small pouches or sacs which are formed on the wall of the colon due to extreme pressure exerted to pass stool. There is no definite cause for formation of diverticula, however, people having low fiber diet are observed to have more diverticula. Trapping of stool in these diverticula lead to infection and inflammation caused [...]

9 Common Symptoms Of Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder of the body, wherein the pancreas produce little or no insulin. Insulin is very important hormone that is needed by the body to absorb glucose. Due to insufficient amount or lack of insulin the body is unable to absorb the glucose properly and the blood sugar level in the body rises. The cells of the body become starved for energy, which is required for daily body functions. Diabetes is mainly of two types - Type [...]

9 Common Symptoms Of Amyloidosis

Amyloidosis is a rare medical disease, in which the body starts manufacturing and storing amyloid protein in the body. This amyloid protein gets gradually accumulated in the organs and tissues of the body, causing an alteration to their shapes and sizes. This results in the organs to malfunction and cause other diseases. This amyloid protein can get deposited in organs like stomach, kidney, heart, liver and nerve tissues. If Amyloidosis is not detected timely and treated, it can lead to [...]

5 Common Symptoms Of Bronchitis

Bronchitis is a medical condition where the membrane lining of the bronchial tubes become inflammed and swollen. Bronchitis is mainly caused by the viruses, bacteria or other infection which result in the irritation of the membrane lining of the bronchial tubes. People of all age groups can be affected by Bronchitis, however people who are active smokers, have weak immune system, are exposed for long duration to air pollution etc, are more prone to Bronchitis. The patients of Bronchitis are [...]