10 Herbs To Add To Your Diet To Control Blood Sugar

Glucose is the vital energy source for our body. A steady blood sugar level is necessary for overall health and performance of the body. Inconsistent blood sugar level can hinder body’s ability to functional optimally and can lead to health complications, if ignored for a longer period. Though prescription medications are available for stabilizing blood glucose level, but they often come with side effects. These days more and more people are inclined to natural treatments. Some herbs and spices have [...]

5 Ways Chromium Can Aid In Weight Loss

These days chromium is receiving much attention as a medium for losing weight effectively. A number of studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of chromium as a medium regarding healthy weight loss. Chromium is trace mineral that helps the body regulate insulin levels. In fact, it enhances body’s insulin action. Chromium helps to carry sugar into muscles, where they are stored as energy. Since chromium enhances body’s insulin action and promises to keep blood sugar level in check, it is [...]

8 Prenatal Yoga Postures And Their Benefits For Expecting Moms

During pregnancy, when most women experience fatigue, sickness, mood swings, leg cramps and breathing problems, prenatal yoga is a great way to relax, stay fit throughout pregnancy, prepare for easy labor and ensure smooth delivery of a healthy baby with minimal discomfort. Yoga poses are gentle and help to improve your mental and physical health. Research suggests that prenatal yoga is safe for pregnant women and their babies and continues to provide benefits even after pregnancy. The main purpose [...]

9 Signs That You Have Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones play an important role in every woman’s health and wellbeing. Different types of hormone have different functions and they also influence each other. The fluctuation of hormone level can greatly impact a woman’s whole body system, her sexual desires, mood, ovulation and fertility. Regardless of age, hormonal imbalance is a very serious issue as it can have a huge impact on her overall health and wellbeing. As all the hormones in her body work together in harmony, the [...]

5 Best Reflexology Points For Back Pain

Back pain is a common complaint these days, due to work pressure, bad postures, stress, injuries, muscle tension, exercising too little and sedentary lifestyle. There is a unique technique that can bring relief from acute or chronic back pain. Reflexology is based on the principal that there are few reflex zones on our feet, ears and hands; stimulating these zones triggers a response on the specific area and helps to create harmonious state within our body that generates body’s [...]

9 Serious Health Risks Associated With Low Sodium Diet

Salt has been a treasured staple throughout the globe since the beginning of the human civilization. But for last three decades, conventional healthcare experts, nutritionist and cardiologists are recommending lower salt intake because it is believed that salt causes hypertension and many other medical conditions. American Heart Association suggests limiting sodium consumption to less than 2,300mg per day and even as less as 1,500 mg for people with hypertension or heart disease. But some researches are coming up which [...]

Warning Signs Of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer primarily develops on the areas that are directly exposed to the sun like face, scalp, lips, neck, ears, arms, hands, legs and chest. But it can also occur on the areas that are rarely exposed to the sun like genital areas, beneath the fingernail or toe nail etc. Skin cancer can occur in people with any type of skin tones, dark or fair. Early detection can help to prevent and cure skin cancer completely. Even if you [...]

Risk Factors of Lung Cancer

8 Risk Factors of Lung Cancer

The lungs are a pair of breathing organs in our chest. This spongy organ takes in oxygen when we breathe in and release carbon dioxide when we breathe out or exhale. Lung cancer, which is the leading cause of cancer deaths in many countries including United States, begins in the lungs. It can affect men and women equally and recent research reveals that number of death from lung cancer in women is increasing day by day. Tobacco smoking is [...]

Swine Flu (H1N1) Symptoms, Myths, Precautions and Treatments

Swine Flu (H1N1): Symptoms, Myths, Precautions and Treatments

Swine flu is a respiratory disease caused by H1N1 influenza virus that infects the pigs and is transmissible to humans. This virus is extremely contagious and spreads from human to human. The virus infects the cells in the nose, lungs and throat and spreads among humans through air, saliva and mucus. The outbreak of swine flu with H1N1 flu virus was first detected in 2009 in Mexico. It was named swine flu because virus was similar to one that [...]

6 Major Risks And Complications Of Uncontrolled Diabetes

6 Major Risks And Complications Of Uncontrolled Diabetes

The food we eat breaks down into sugar and then travels to our bloodstream. In the pancreas, sugar takes the form of insulin. Our body uses the insulin to move glucose into the cells and cells convert this sugar into energy. When pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin that is required for the metabolic breakdown of glucose, the glucose level in our blood goes higher and higher. High amount of glucose in the blood can cause array of [...]

8 Warning Signs Of Diabetes

8 Warning Signs Of Diabetes

You have diabetes when your body is unable to produce enough insulin or use insulin properly. Insulin is produced in the pancreas and is necessary to break down sugar (glucose) from blood to be used as energy. When body does not produce or process insulin the way it should, instead of being used by the cells, glucose accumulates in the blood. It can have a negative effect on various organs of the body. Untreated diabetes can have an effect [...]