Treating Asthma

9 Best Ways Of Treating Asthma

There are numerous side effects of asthma medicine; they boost the growth of osteoporosis and yeast, they have an impact on the immune system and endocrine system and they can also cause asthmatic reactions after some time. According to research, genes in children can be altered by the inhalant albuterol due to which asthma chances increase by 30%. Doctors have said that cortisone, prednisone and other steroids have impacts after lapse of several years. However, it has been substantiated by [...]

How To Treat Hiccups With Medications And Alternative Therapies

How can a hiccup be cured? According to doctors, the hiccup ‘cures’  are just some fantasy that people have woven while other people are of the opinion that their favorite remedy works every time. However, the underrated condition and problem of hiccups (singultus) has become universal and this is simply resignation or a placebo effect. (more…)

Symptoms, Causes And Treatments Of Food Allergies

Symptoms, Causes And Treatments Of Food Allergies

At some point, nearly everyone is faced with food allergies and intolerances. People often wonder if they have a food allergy when they react unpleasantly to something they eat. One out of three people keep their diet modified because they think that one of their family members is allergic to food and believe that they also have a food allergy. (more…)

5 Tips To Treat Aging

You probably didn’t care much about your skin in the first phase of your life. You might recall that your mother wanted to smear sunscreen over you, but you just wiggled around because you were anxious to get to the beach or dive into the pool. Getting sunburned was a pain for you sure, but you didn’t really care much back then. But as you get older; your skin undergoes change. The flawless and baby-smooth exterior of an adolescent is [...]

7 Tips On How To Diagnose Elbow Pain

In physiotherapy practice, it is quite common to see patients suffering from forearm and elbow pain. Local structures present within or around the elbow and even those from the upper back and neck may cause pain. Forearm and elbow pain can be caused due to several other reasons. Pain in the elbow is a symptom of an underlying muscle or bone problem. Some of these develop gradually while some might be because of a particular incident. Here are some [...]

Effective Menstrual Cycle Treatments

Menstrual cramps, PMS or premenstrual syndrome, dysmenorrhea, abnormal bleeding patterns and PMDD or premenstrual dysphoric disorder are some of the menstrual cycle disorders. Menstrual cycle disorders can be treated in a variety of ways. (more…)

5 Best Stomach Flu Treatments Medications And Diet

A respiratory infection affecting the lungs is influenza or the Flu. However, the infectious disease specialist and the professor of medicine at the University of California at Davis School of Medicine, Jay Solnick MD says that diarrhea and vomiting are indicated by stomach flu. According to him, a fuzzy and vague way to describe these things is stomach flu.The term gastroenteritis is preferred by doctors as it could indicate virus or bacteria, inflamed and irritated stomach and intestines (the gastrointestinal [...]

Different Types Of Shoulder Injuries And Treatments

Rotator mechanism dysfunction is one of the common shoulder problems seen by chiropractors. A dysfunction of the rotator cuff muscles is how the chronic biomechanical continuum begins and progresses to calcific shoulder bursitis, subacromial and subdeltoid bursitis, supraspinatas tendinitis, bicipital tendinitis, impingement syndrome, frozen shoulder and also rotator cuff syndrome. An acute and direct injury does not occur in these cases. The mobile joint of the shoulder isn’t highly stable in most conditions. Whether at work, indulging in recreational and [...]

Best Low Fat Heart Disease Diet

Here is a word of warning to those individuals who have been laying-off fatty foods to protect their heart. It has been discovered by a study that your heart cannot be protected against heart disease with a low fat diet if any ‘good fats’ are not being taken. Your arteries (blood vessels) might become laden with cholesterol due to a diet that’s high in saturated fats. Arteries can become clogged or blocked because of the waxy, soft substance cholesterol. People [...]

Effective Ankle Sprain Treatment

A number of patients visit the doctor when they have ankle sprain injury. The pain seems to persist even though they don’t have any broken bones. People can improve if they do some stretching and perform exercises after they have sustained an ankle sprain and the symptoms persist. Activities need to be halted in the first 24 to 48 hours as this is a critical treatment period. Weight on the particular ankle should be placed gradually and when limping or [...]

5 Best Tips To Treat Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis has been defined as the inflammation of the outermost layer in the eye, which is also known as the conjunctiva. Basically this thin and clear tissue exists over the whiter portion of our eyes and lines the inner part of our eyelids. It is also called pink eye and is usually caused because of some kind of infection or due to an allergy. It should be remembered that the treatment of the same depends on the cause of [...]

6 Home Remedies For Heart Disease

All organs of the body are supplied with nourishment and oxygen by the heart when it pumps blood. The coronary artery provides the heart itself with blood for nourishment. A number of clinical complications such as heart attack, angina pectoris and sudden death without infarction might arise if sufficient blood is not supplied to the heart by the coronary artery. Here are some home remedies for heart disease that work like magic. Home Remedies for Heart Disease Garlic The heart is kept healthy [...]

6 Effective Urinary Tract Infection Treatments

The second most common reason why people visit their doctors yearly is urinary tract infections (UTIs). These infections are more common in women although men get them too. Every year, eight million women visit doctors for UTI treatment. A second UTI occurs in 20% of these women. These can be treated at home or even with over the counter medications. But in case the infection recurs or continues to get worse, it is advised that you seek medical help. Treatment [...]

8 Home Remedies For Flu

Prevention is better than cure, it is said. So naturally, it would be a good idea to keep youself away from flu. The best way to prevent your body from flu is to maintain a strong immune system. This article discusses some of the ways in which you can prevent flu. However, if you do still catch the flu, this article will tell you about flu treatments which will bring you great relief. Flu can stay in your body [...]

12 Home Remedies For Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, if not treated in time can end up being quite painful. These are basically ‘pile’ like formations in the anus and lower rectum area which can make passing of stool quite painful. People suffering from hemorrhoids seek internal hemorrhoids treatment to get rid of the inflammations, pains, swollen anal that come with this disease. Most hemorrhoids are caused by natural aging process, constipation, during pregnancies and in acute cases of diarrhea. The treatment of hemorrhoids at home includes [...]

7 Home Remedies For Gout

Gout is a form of rheumatoid arthritis. It usually affects middle aged men, however, post menopause, women can also get affected by this disease. Acute swelling in the joints - knees, wrists, hands, feet, ankles & toe - accompanied by pain, inflammation and sometimes mild fever and reduced appetite are some of the symptoms of gout. Its causes could range from heredity to bad eating habits, excessive drinking, lack of exercise and stress thereby giving it the title "disease of the [...]