How To Prevent Bronchitis

Bronchitis refers to a disorder that takes place when the air passage becomes swollen or blocked due to various reasons. These factors can range from air pollution, smoking to bacterial activity and chemical irritation. Symptoms of bronchitis usually include difficulty in breathing, cough and cold, fever, chest pain and wheezing. Bronchitis is usually of two types– one acute and the other chronic. In case of acute bronchitis, the symptoms are extremely prominent, but the illness does not last long. In case [...]

Ear Ache Treatments

Experiencing an ear ache can be devastating and problematic for an adult as well as a child. The situation could become more complicated because of the fact that ear ache could be caused by a variety of factors. These reasons could range from an ear infection to cold. If you are suffering from ear ache, chances are high that you are also experiencing related symptoms. These can include loss of appetite, poor sleep, fever and hearing difficulties. (more…)

5 Best Treatments For Burning Tongue

Burning tongue refers to a painful condition that causes a burning (as the name suggests) sensation in the lips, tongue or even throughout the mouth. Though any person can develop the burning tongue condition, it occurs mostly among women who are in their 40s or 50s. For this reason burning tongue is associated with menopause. Apart from menopause, other factors that cause burning tongue can include dry mouth, nutritional problems and allergies. However, doctors are still not certain why burning [...]

Effective Ways To Prevent Brain Cancer

Brain cancer refers to a particular type of cancer that affects the brain. Common symptoms of brain cancer include severe headache, numbness in the body, mood changes, vomiting and walking problems. While anyone can develop brain cancer, certain people are at greater risk of developing it. Brain cancer is deadly and unfortunately, it is not exactly known why it affects some people. Researchers, however, have identified certain risk factors that can cause brain cancer. These include previous exposure to radiation, [...]