7 Wonder Herbs That Help In Hair Growth

Though hair is an integral part of our body, it is the least important, because it does not participate in any of the bodily functions required to keep us alive. Nevertheless a maneful of lustrous hair is what we truly desire; healthy, thick and long hair enhances both confidence and self-esteem two very important weapons required to combat the ups and downs of daily life. However, there comes a stage in life when hair fall becomes a common problem [...]

Herbal Remedies For Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a very common disease in the United States. In fact this disease can happen to anyone; yet there are some who are more prone to skin cancer than others. Such people are usually fair skinned, have a family history of skin cancer or have damaged skin due to overexposure to the ultra violet rays of the sun. However, if detected early it is one of the most curable forms of cancer. Basal cell carcinoma and melanoma are the [...]

How To Treat Oily Skin

Excessively oily skin is the direct result of overactive sebaceous glands that releases overabundance of sebum which subsequently leads to the formation of skin ailments like acne and blackheads. Oily skin is a problem that is common among men and women of all ages especially the young ones. Extensive research has proved that oily skin is largely a byproduct of genetics and hormones and therefore far more difficult to deal with than acne. However, when you look at the brighter [...]

6 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Abdominal fat is not only annoying but also very dangerous. Found in between organs deep seeded within the core cavity they release harmful proteins that often lead to chronic inflammation thus giving ample scope to diseases of the heart, diabetes and even cancer. Abdominal fat don’t go away very easily and it needs a titanic effort to get rid of them. However, adopting a strategic approach could make things easier. You can determine whether you are carrying too much abdominal [...]

Best Herbal Remedies For Chronic Cough

Even though coughing may not be termed as a disease, it is a symptom that indicates respiratory tract diseases. Chronic coughing should never be neglected as it signals serious underlying illnesses ranging from something as simple as colds and flu to chronic bronchitis, emphysema, allergies like asthma or choking on food. Especially during the winter people seeking medical care are usually victims of acute inflammation of the respiratory tract. There are a plenty of causes behind chronic cough that [...]

Top Herbal Remedies For Anxiety And Stress

The world today hardly gives us an opportunity to escape stressful situations or feelings of anxiety. We are all bound by our duties and responsibilities which could sometimes become overwhelming for both the mind and body. We feel stressed when we try to handle too many things at the same time, like work pressure, relationship issues, problems with kids or parents, financial matters etc. Anxiety on the contrary is a state of mind which signals an impending doom; it [...]

Top Natural Cure For Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is generally a condition wherein the connecting tissues between the joint bones wear off causing the bones to rub against each other. This leads to an acute pain which slowly impairs your lifestyle. Simply, getting up first thing in the morning and regaining some of the mobility that was lost overnight can prove to be an ordeal for some arthritis sufferers. Doctors usually prescribe drugs that are good pain relievers. However, due to their possible side effects people are [...]

10 Natural Treatments For Dehydration

Water is life; in fact it is the most critical element of our survival. Dehydration occurs when the elimination of water from the body is much higher that its intake. Almost 75 percent of water exists within the cells of our body, within the blood vessels and in spaces between the cells. These are referred to as intracellular space, intravascular space and interstitial space and they collectively perform many of our body’s critical communications. Therefore, our survival depends upon a [...]

Various Treatments Of Stroke

Stroke or a “brain attack” is a serious medical condition that occurs suddenly when the brain cells stop functioning due to lack of oxygen. And that happens, when the functioning of an artery gets disrupted due to a blood clot or when a blood vessel suddenly ruptures, interrupting blood flow to an area of the brain. This leads to a condition wherein the brain is unable to perform all those functions that were earlier under its control. Those functions [...]

5 Top Natural Ways To Lose Weight

The problem of obesity has reached towering heights not only in the developed countries but in the developing countries too. Simultaneously the struggle to lose weight has also increased. Blame it on our lifestyle or our sheer desperation to lose weight that we try out different diet patterns which actually do more harm than good. These highly hyped too-good-to-be-true diets promote large amounts of weight loss in short amount of time. But it’s not long when you gain all your [...]

10 Best Home Remedies For Long And Shiny Hair

For all practical purposes hair is a useless part of our body as it has nothing much to do. Yet we are more concerned about it than any other vital organs of the body. The only reason behind this is – hair enhances our appearance. Our hormones and diet play a major role in keeping the hair healthy and strong. However, already damaged hair requires a little bit of care from our end to make it look healthy and gorgeous. [...]

How To Prevent Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition that has become almost like an epidemic today. If statistics are to be believed then 1 in every 3 children in US are obese. It’s not very difficult to understand why a child becomes overweight or obese. Obesity is the result of an imbalance that occurs due to excessive energy intake by the body. Simply put, you need to burn the calories that you consume; otherwise they turn into fat and accumulate [...]

How To Prevent High Cholesterol

You never forget your pin code, your telephone number or maybe even your weight. But do you at all know your cholesterol levels? Chances are you don’t know. Such ignorance can be dangerous or maybe fatal. High cholesterol affects millions of adults all over the world and is a top risk factor for heart disease. There are two types of cholesterol that exist in the body; HDLs or high density lipoproteins and LDLs or low density lipoproteins, also referred [...]

5 Ways To Get Rid Of A Cold

Common cold can be aptly described as a contagious viral infection of the upper respiratory tract and its dominant symptoms are swelling and irritation of the mucous membranes, runny nose or congestion, sore or hoarse throat, sneezing, digestive problems and fatigue. Although colds don’t kill like cancer or stigmatize like herpes, they take a significant toll every year in the form of millions of lost work hours and vast sums spent on medications. Actually, the term common cold is somewhat [...]

Signs And Symptoms Of Bone Cancer

Broadly speaking, the term bone cancer covers several different forms of the disease. Just to understand a bit more, let me tell you that bone cancer can be categorized as primary bone cancer and secondary bone cancer. When the tumors originate in the cells and tissues of the bone itself, it is called primary bone cancer. On the contrary, secondary bone cancers originate in other locations of the body and then metastasize to the bone. Primarily carcinomas of the prostrate, [...]

5 Ways To Treat Asthma

Asthma is a serious breathing condition that involves the airways that carry air to and from the lungs. It is a chronic disease that inflames the bronchial tubes, restricting airflow in and out of the lungs – sometimes so severely that sufferers die. This inflammation or swelling causes the airways to become extremely sensitive to irritants thus making you vulnerable to allergic reactions. These allergic reactions act as triggers or causes of asthma. During an asthma attack the airways [...]

6 Tips To Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can happen in both men and women, though this article will discuss about breast cancer in women only. The breasts are more susceptible to cancer than any other organs of the body. Breast cancer usually begins in two areas, the inner lining of the milk ducts and the lobules that supply the breast with milk. They are called ductal carcinoma and lobular carcinoma respectively. Women in developed countries are much more prone to this disease and there are [...]

How To Prevent Insomnia

Insomnia is a condition which almost every individual experiences at least once in a lifetime. Insomnia means difficulty staying asleep at night and at the same time difficulty staying awake during the day. The individual may also experience problems getting to sleep in the first place. The reasons are aplenty and they could vary from anxiety, stress, environmental change or a general feeling of discomfort towards the state of affairs. Therefore, even though insomnia is not a serious problem, a [...]

How To Get Rid Of Depression

Depression is a serious health disorder which is very common today and the fact is, both the young and old are equally vulnerable to it. A depressive mind is said to be characterized with mood fluctuations, with very little or no interest in daily life and of course a very low self esteem. A depressed person often experiences feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness, which if left unattended can develop into serious psychological conditions. Therefore, if you have been experiencing symptoms [...]

Different Causes Of Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a condition in which a child or an adult faces difficulty in learning, especially those related to reading, writing, spelling, math and memory, even after going through long periods of practice and study. Theoretically, a child is identified as having dyslexia when his academic achievements fall below expectations, and the difference can’t be explained by slow maturation, lack of motivation or a physical problem such as hearing loss. Even though the symptoms of this disease are aplenty, nothing [...]

6 Ways To Get Rid Of A Headache

Almost every one of us at some time or the other has had to deal with a headache. Some headaches are serious enough to require medical attention. Apart from physical ailments like sinus and migraine there are several reasons why we have headaches. Amongst them environmental stress, anxiety, poor diet and muscle tension are very common today. Every day we deal with different people and situations – at work, at home, everywhere, that drains us mentally and physically and [...]

How To Treat Diabetes

Millions of people suffer from diabetes all over the world. But the fact remains that many amongst them hardly realize that they are suffering from this disease. You can never ignore a disease like diabetes simply because it breeds other diseases. Increase in blood sugar, the main cause behind diabetes has the capability of damaging vital organs of the body. Diabetes leads to kidney failure and blindness, heart disease and strokes and several lower limb amputations. So the bottom [...]

How To Prevent Heart Attacks

Just like any other organs of our body the heart too gets its nourishment from the blood; the same blood that the heart pumps into our body and lungs to keep our circulatory system going. The heart never extracts its nourishment from the blood that passes through its chambers to the body. Instead it is fed by its own two coronary arteries, one is the right coronary artery and the other is the left coronary artery. These are the two [...]

How To Prevent and Treat Back Pain

Almost 80 percent of us experience back pain some time or the other in our lives. However, how many times you’ve had to encounter this problem totally depends upon your lifestyle. Luckily for all of us things are looking up for the better now. The result of a diagnosis mostly comes out positive. Nevertheless, we still don’t know what the actual cause behind back pain is. Research has proved that people who are going through increased emotional distress like [...]

Prevent Hypertension

6 Ways To Prevent Hypertension

Another name for high blood-pressure is hypertension which has become one of the major causes of disability and death all over the world. A ravager, that silently gets into our circulatory system and strikes suddenly without giving a hint. Hypertension, if left untreated can lead to a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, blindness and even death. Ironically, among all known ailments that can lead to premature death, hypertension is the easiest to control. Nevertheless, death caused by hypertension has [...]

How to Get Rid Of Stress

In our day to day busy life we forget how to keep our mood healthy and respond to stress. There are many reasons in this fast growing world which leads us to unhealthy mood and stressful life.  Work related issues, relationship problems, deadlines, appointments, kids, errands, it could be anything. (more…)