10 Devious Habits Which Are Harmful For You Heart

Heart is one of the vital organs of our body and forms a major part of the cardiovascular system. The major function of heart is to pump oxygenated blood so that it reaches every nook and corner of the body. It is the strongest muscle in our body and works 24/7 throughout our life. Heart being so important to us and considering that it works so much, it is our responsibility to take good care of our hear. There [...]

10 Early Alarming Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is the cancer of ovaries which form a part of the female reproductive tract. It is called ‘the silent killer’ as the signs and symptoms remain hidden for a long time. The serious symptoms are given out only when the disease has spread extensively, thus making it difficult for the patient as well as doctor to identify the occurrence of ovarian cancer. However there are some signs and symptoms which might occur in patients suffering from ovarian [...]

10 Alarming Signs Of An Autoimmune Disease

  Autoimmune disease has been spreading at a fast pace. More than fifty million people all across the globe have been identified with this disorder. The role of immune system is to guard your body against foreign substanceswhich are likely to cause harm to your body. Autoimmune disease is a condition in which the body’s immune system leads the body to attack itself. This disease is born in cases when the body puts all efforts to protect itself from dangerous [...]

7 Warning Signs Of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar is a type of mental disorder characterised by extreme swings in mood of a person. At one moment person experiences huge surge of happiness and the very next moment he goes into depression and sadness. This tendency can last for couple of hours to days to weeks or a few months. It is very difficult to figure out at first that the person is suffering from this disorder. Yet if you are aware of its symptoms then it [...]

5 Common Summer Nuisances Along With Their Home Remedies

  With the onset of summer, one faces several types of skin issues. Summers brings so much irritation, sweating and itching that makes it very difficult to sustain in this hot weather. Going out in the scorching heat of sun without protection brings you so many problems. It becomes very important to treat these problems effectively and naturally. In This Article We Will Tell You Five Natural Remedies For Summer Nuisances Fungal Infection Fungal infection is commonest problem one is likely to get [...]

5 Alarming Signs Wi Fi Cellular Radioation

Wi-Fi technology has made our life comfortable. Along with these comforts one gets serious health issues in the form of free gifts. People especially children are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of the radiations. These radiations are strong enough to hamper the normal functioning of the vital organs of the body. In This Article We Will Look At Five Warning Signs Seen In A Person Exposed To Wi-fi Cellular Radiation Insomnia It has been observed that people who use Wi-Fi technology [...]

Causes And Symptoms Of Night Sweat

Night sweat has been experienced by most of the people now a days. Itis referred to excessive sweating in a person during the night. This is not always serious issue. Sometimes your bedroom is becoming very hot during summers or to avoid mosquitoes you are wearing thick blankets then also you may perspire. In such cases it is treated as absolutely normal. When any of these conditions are not admissible and even then you are sweating to a large [...]

Causes And Remedies Of White Hair Patches

White hair patch is a type of auto-immune heredity disorder. Scientifically it is called ‘Poliosis’. The hair patch becomes white in colour due to loss of melanin, which is nothing but a colour imparting pigment. The most commonly observed sites of appearance of white hair patches are the scalp (most common), eyebrows, eyelashes, and other areas of the body where hair is present. Poliosis is not restricted to any age group and people of any age can experience it. Causes [...]

12 Causes And Treatment of Thumb Pain

Thumb pain is something which easily gets ignored. We usually don’t give it much thought unless it worsens badly. One more problem is that we are unaware of the different reasons which result in thumb pain. We have listed some common causes for thumb pain, let’s have a look and understand thumb pain. These Are Causes And Treatment of Thumb Pain Rheumatoid Arthritis/ Thumb Arthritis Thumb pain due to arthritis usually happens in elderly people. With age the bones start getting weak [...]

15 Health Benefits Of Spinal Decompression And Inversion Therapy

Inversion therapy is done by bringing your body in a position wherein your head is at a lower level from your heart. This inverted position of the body is very beneficial to reverse the damaging effects of earth’s gravitation force and helps in treating spinal decompression, spinal cord issues, pain in joint, enhanced functionality of the nervous system, elimination of physical and mental stress, restricting the aging process, boosting body’s immune system, removal of toxins from the body and [...]

5 Tips To Lower The Stroke Risk

Cases of strokes are increasing day by day. It is a life threatening disease which occurs due to disturbance in the flow of blood in the body. This disease can affect both men and women. People more than 55 years of age are considered to be at high risk. If you want to save yourself from this deadly disease then this article brings you five life saving tips that would help you lower your stroke risk. Here Are 5 Tips [...]

7 Foods That Helps In Preventing Clogged Arteries

Arteries perform a very important function in our body. They are responsible for carrying blood to each and every cell of our body. They provide essential and nutrients to the body which ensures their proper functioning. Sometimes the blood flow to different body organs becomes irregular which can be the result of clogged arteries. This results in various kinds of health issues like high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack etc. Arteries are closely related to heart. If arteries are [...]

8 Causes And Treatments Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel is actually a particular space in the wrist through which the tendons and the nerves present in the body pass. Due to the fact that this carpal tunnel is narrow and compressed, the major nerve in the body, better known as the median nerve may get compressed or irritated while passing through this tunnel resulting into the Carpal syndrome. This syndrome is usually seen when the median nerve gets compressed in the carpal tunnel and causes numbness, [...]

10 Symptoms Of Sleep Depriviation

Sleep is one of the sources of energy. It is the best healer for a person. Sleep is as much required as air. A good sleep does miracles in restoring the health of a person. Whenever you get caught of fever or any other ailment the first advice any doctor gives is to take rest as much as possible. When you sleep your body gets deep rest and energy to fight, heal and repair damages in the body. In [...]

10 Effective Ways To Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

In today’s digital world, everything starting from our work to entertainment is so oriented around the computer screen that the inanimate object has become an unavoidable part of our day to day lives. After spending hours in front of computer in office, we often switch on the computer once we reach home to find solace and in search of recreation. Whatever the reason may be, we spend hours after hours staring at the bright screen which often lead to [...]

12 Causes, Precautions And Treatment Of Folliculitis Hair Loss

Folliculities is a common term for those who are suffering from the issue of hair loss and usually refers to the condition where the hair follicles get inflammated due to various reasons. To get into a little more in the subject, each strand of hair is seen to grow from a particular pouch-like or bulb like structure usually termed as hair follicle. The inflammation in the hair follicles causing the condition of folliculities may be due to friction between [...]

5 Diseases Caused By Nutritional Deficiency

Nutrient deficiency diseases occur in humans when the body is devoid of essential nutrients which are responsible for the growth and development. A person who is devoid of the basic food ingredients become malnutrited and thus calls in various diseases. Apart from this, lack of nutrition in the body may also have been caused by biological imbalances in the metabolism of a person as well. With more functions than one, the nutrients present affect the entire functioning of the [...]

10 Home Remedies For Angular Cheilitis

Angular Cheilitis also known in various names like rhagades, ceilosis and angular stomatitis is known to be an inflammation which occurs on one or both the corners of the lip and is regarded as a chronic skin issue that affects people all over the world! This skin disorder is characterized by dried up lips which can cause splitting and cracking of the skin on one corner or both the corners of the lips. This condition may start taking effect [...]

10 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Optic Neuritis

Neuritis is a serious medical condition relating to the nervous system and occurs when a single nerve or a group of nerves swell up significantly. Neuritis is classified into two main categories, namely, “Mononeuritis” and “Polyneuritis”. Mononeuritis is when a single nerve gets affected and gets swollen whereas Polyneuritis signifies the swelling up of a group of nerves put together. Also classified into another category, when the optic nerves relating to the eye gets swollen up, that condition is [...]

7 Heart Rate Myths Debunked

Most of the times, normal people are not aware of the heart’s activity which is approximately 3 billion beat in an average lifetime of a person or may also be calculated as nearly hundred thousand beats per day on an average rate. However, this activity is not always at the normal pace as during exercise of any physical activity the heart muscles pump faster to send oxygenated blood all across the body cells and sometimes due to no reason [...]

10 Herbal Remedies For Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome also known as PMS is the set of emotional and physical symptoms that usually takes place in a woman just before one or two week prior to the start of their menstrual cycle or period. These symptoms however cease to be when the menstruation period starts or within the first few days of the blood flow. It has been noted that around 75 to 80% women across the world experience any one of the symptoms of this [...]

5 Silent Signs Which Indicates Clogged Arteries

Clogged arterial condition also known as atherosclerosis is a very serious medical condition where the arteries are blocked by the deposition of plaques or fatty substances as they are majorly known. The clog in the arteries cause them to narrow down and harden which results into hampered blood flow to all the organs of the body causing organ damage and even stopped activity of the organs in the body. In case that the blocked arteries burst it causes serious [...]

7 Home Remedies For Sun Poisoning 

Sun poisoning is termed medically as “Photodermatitis”. A severe case of sunburn, which takes place when a person is over exposed to the ray s of the sun for a long duration without any protection is termed as sun poisoning. It is very important to understand that the condition of sun poisoning can be very painful and harmful too, if kept untreated. Even after application of medication, the sun poisoning takes time to get cured and the skin can [...]

10 Serious Disease Caused Due To Uncontrolled Diabetes

In order to understand the side effects of diabetes on human heath it is important to understand that what is diabetes, diabetes is a faction of metabolic diseases where a patient is unable to produce sufficient amount of hormone named “insulin” as a result of which blood sugar level increases. As per the observation of WHO, diabetes will be the 7th leading disease that will be the cause of death in 2030. There are three kind of diabetes discovered [...]

10 Yoga Poses That Help Cancer Patients

Cancer affects in innumerable ways like liver cancer, breast cancer, mouth cancer etc. that has the potential to even take the life of a person. There has been a constant conflict between the illness and treatment. Yoga can help cancer patients by providing endurance, emotional stability and physical strength. Yoga has been an ancient practice that works on maintaining a fine balance and harmony within entire body and promotes health. Its effective series of stretching exercises, asana, meditation and [...]

5 Healthy Tonics For Weight Gain

Excess and less weight both are not good. One should always strive to get balanced weight. This article is for people who are struggling with less weight. If you want to gain weight, then there are plenty of health tonics that would help you get desired results. These health tonics are based on when consumed on regular basis promotes health and provide you normal weight in no effort.  Top 5 Health Tonics That Serve Your Purpose Of Gaining Weight 1. Vitatone Vitatone [...]

5 Effective Natural Ways to Detoxify Liver

With the advent of time, diseases are pretty prevalent around us due to high level of toxins which are present in the environment we are living in. Starting from the air us breathe, the food we consume and the water we drink are all contaminated with toxic elements which can make our bodies seriously ill. In this current scenario, we are in constant need to detoxify ourselves in order to stay away from any further damage. Liver is the [...]

7 Tips To Stop Overeating

Overeating is considered to be an eating disorder which leads to obesity and weight gain, by taking in excess food than is required. This may refer to eating more at functions, dinner parties, festivals and in some cases happens when a person eats comfort food like chocolates and pastries in excess to fight the effects of depression too. These Are Tips To Stop Overeating Importance Of Having Breakfast Breakfast is a very important component of a proper diet as it helps the [...]

15 Health Benefits Of Antioxidants

It is widely known that antioxidants are synonymous to good health and thus, doctors promote the fact that people should have food rich in antioxidants which can keep diseases at bay. An antioxidant is a molecule that stops the oxidation of the other molecules in the body and are nature’s way of providing your cells with armor to fight against reactive oxygen species (ROS) Antioxidants also help the body to circulate various nutrients in all the body parts too. [...]

5 Signs of Clogged Arteries

Artery disease also known as atherosclerosis is a serious condition where the arteries become blocked by fatty substances known as plaques which results in narrowing the arteries and making them hard. The narrow & hard arteries can cause less blood flow to the various organs of the body which can damage them and stop the organ functions. A rupture in the plaques may result into a heart attack or stroke in humans due to formation of clot which inhibits [...]