16 Health Benefits Of Peaches

"Peach" is the fruit of the tree also called “Peach”. The tree is native to China and was originally grown in the northwest regions of the country. It is now cultivated in other parts of the world as well including Europe and America. Peach has a delicate aroma and contains a whitish to yellow outer covering called flesh. The fruit comes in the category of “stone fruits”. Some other stone fruits are plums, apricots and cherries. Peaches have immense [...]

9 Tips For Avoiding Warts

Warts are blisters that get formed mostly on feet and hands though they can occur on other areas of the body as well. They are caused by virus. Viruses belonging to the “Human Pappiloma Virus” group are generally responsible for wart attack. Wart is a contagious disease and the warts virus may enter the body through broken skin parts. You can get infected by the virus if your broken skin gets close to wart virus-infected towels, bathmats, blades, razors, [...]

11 Natural Remedies For Preventing Memory Loss

Memory loss occurs commonly due to age. Some other causes responsible for memory loss are a non-balanced and nutrient deficient diet pattern, daily life’s high stress levels, injuries to head, substance abuse including tobacco and alcohol abuse, insomnia and dementia. One or more than one of any of these causes may contribute to the occurrence of memory loss in any individual including those who are young. Some herbs, natural remedies and food items can prevent memory loss. These are [...]

15 Home Remedies For Cold And Cough

The other names for common cold condition are head cold, acute coryza, rhinopharyngitis and nasopharyngitis. Common cold in caused by viral attack. Around 200 different kinds of viruses are known to cause common cold among which “rhinovirus” is the most predominant. The infectious disease primarily affects the nose and upper respiratory tract organs. Most commonly occurring symptoms of the disease are sneezing, sore throat, runny nose, coughing and fever. The viruses causing common cold spread through contaminated objects or [...]

15 Effective Natural Stiff Neck Remedies

Stiff-necks are mostly caused by muscle spasms that occur in the neck region. Though they are not very serious kind of medical condition, they do require care and some sort of remedy as you won’t be able to do many of your daily activities or would not be able to go to sleep properly with a stiff-neck. A multitude of reasons can give rise to neck stiffness and pain. Anxiety, improper sleeping habits, high-rise or improper pillows, soft mattresses, [...]

15 Miraculous Parsley Benefits And Uses For Human Health

The botanical name of parsley or garden parsley is “Petroselinum Crispum”. The plant belongs to the family “Apiaceae” and species “Petroselinum”. Due to its extensive health benefits, the plant is grown as a vegetable, herb and spice in many parts of the world though it is native to countries including Tunisia, Italy, Algeria and other Central Mediterranean countries. The plant is grown once annually as herb in tropical and subtropical region of the world. It is grown as a [...]

15 Amazing Benefits Of Figs

Fig or “Common Fig” is the flowering plant that belongs to the Genus "Ficus". The plant family of fig is Moraceae. The plant is most commonly found in western Asian and Middle East regions of the world. The fruit of the plant is also called “fig”. The fruit has many benefits for health and the plant as a whole is also used as an ornamental plant. The fruit “fig” contains many flowers is a "false fruit" and is actually [...]

7 Ways To Prevent Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is the most common form of diabetes occurring in humans. Almost 90% of all cases of diabetes mellitus belong to Type 1. Obesity is a major cause of Type 2 diabetes in people who are genetically susceptible to the disease. Type 2 diabetes management includes regular exercise and weight loss. The disease is also preventable and you can include smaller changes to your life style and eating patterns to prevent the disease. Here Are 7 Ways [...]

18 Natural Remedies For Treating Athlete’s Foot

The disease Athlete’s Foot is caused by a fungi which belong to the genus Tricophyton. These include T.Rubrum, T.Tonsurans and T. Mentagrophytes. T.Tonsurans mostly affects children. The disease is also known by other names such as Tinea Pedis, Moccasin Foot and Ringworm of the Foot.The person infected by the above fungi suffers from scaling, itching, blistering and flaking in those skin areas that are affected by the fungi. The disease affects around 15% of the world population. The fungi [...]

10 Anti-Aging Foods For Your Life Style

Aging is a time bound process due to which our cells get old, have reduced functionality and eventually die. Some of our bad habits like smoking, alcoholism and sedentary life style patterns etc. contribute positively to aging. Our improper diet patterns and modern approach to life style like heavy relying on machines for our daily chores, heavy consumption of junk food items etc. also lower the number of years of our life.Exercising regularly and eating a well balanced diet [...]

Ebola Virus Disease: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Prevention

EVD or Ebola Virus Disease is a very severe kind of illness. The disease has a high fatality rate of 50%. EVD was formerly called Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever. It first appeared in the year 1976 in African countries. Ebola virus belongs to the virus family “Filoviridae”. The family can be classified into 3 genres viz. Marburg virus, Cueva virus and Ebola virus. Till now, 5 species of Ebola virus are known. These are Tai Forest, Sudan, Zaire, Reston and [...]

Panic Attack: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Prevention

Panic attacks are caused by panic disorders that are serious in nature. These attacks exhibit themselves in the form of symptoms like uncontrollable anxiety, nausea, shortness of breath etc. Those who undergo a panic attack feel like something bad is going to happen to their health and have elevated blood pressure levels during the panic attack.The attacks are over in short while. Most people who are affected by the attack go for clinical check-ups which reveal nothing. There are [...]

10 Stretching Exercises For Increasing Height At Any Age

We all want a tall and slender body. Many-a-times we bear some genetic defects that are heredity in nature and because of these defects we are not able to attain proper height. Other conditions that are responsible for stunted growth are hormonal imbalances, malnutrition, improper diet patterns and bad habits (smoking etc). Hormonal imbalances occur because of insufficient secretion of certain hormones, for example HGH or Human growth Hormone that is secreted by Pituitary Gland. Improper/imbalanced diet patterns and [...]

14 Advantages of Making Cycling/Biking A Hobby

For being physically and mentally fit and active you need to be physically and mentally active for each day of your life. There are many forms of regular exercises that you can incorporate in your daily life schedule to be physically fit and active. Some of these are cycling/biking, swimming, walking, jogging etc.Biking or cycling has many advantages for human health apart from being good for environment. Cycle was introduced in the 19th century and the first cycle archetype [...]

18 Ways To Remove And Cure Dry Skin On Hands And Feet

Dry skin is a cause of concern for many people. The skin problem is found in people of all age groups and gender. We use our hands throughout the day and such a condition is hard to ignore. Our environment influences the dryness of our hands to great extent.Winter seasons cause dehydration of the skin of hands. Most of us frequently wash our hands (for many different reasons) which can lead to dryness of hands. Cold and flu seasons [...]

Meningitis Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment

Meningitis is a disease of the brain which causes acute inflammation of the meninges that cover the brain and the spinal cord, the two parts of the central nervous system or CNS.Meninges are the linings of simple squamous cells. The main function of the meninges is the protection of the CNS. Cerebrospinal Fluid or CSF also protects the brain from injuries and other adverse situations.Meningeal inflammations are mostly caused by pathogens like virus, bacteria etc. The condition of meningitis [...]

Probiotics for Allergy Prevention

Probiotics are those live microbes that are good for the human health. They are found in certain food items and include both bacteria and yeasts. Recent studies reveal that probiotics are highly useful in preventing allergic reactions in both adults and children. How An Allergic Reaction Occurs Allergic reactions are quite common in all age groups of population. About 50% of population suffers from some kind of allergic reaction or allergy. Allergy is the misguided response of the human immune system [...]

7 Ways To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the name given to the condition of neuro-degenerative disorder that occurs mostly in people of old ages. AD most commonly occurs after the age of 65 years though it can occurs after the age of 30 years also. The early symptoms of AD symptoms are characterized in form of loss of short term memory. The progressive diseases then causes loss of motivation, frequent mood swings, abnormal social behavior, disorientation and other problems that relate to [...]

11 Leading Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease

The most common form of Dementia is Alzheimer’s Disease or AD that accounts for 60 percent of all the cases of dementia. The disease causes loss of memory in the affected person. The behavioral and thinking patterns of the patients are also negatively affected. It is a progressive disease and worsens over time. AD is a neuro-degenerative disease and causes the loss of neural structure and functionality. Death of neurons also occurs. There are 3 kinds of AD viz. early-onset [...]

Beneficial And Harmful Effects of Sun Rays

The ancient Greeks and Romans regarded Apollo or sun as the god of medicine, healing, sun and light. According to the ancient citations the god of health could bring both well being as well as diseases. The modern researches also point out that the sun rays can bring us beneficial health effects and overexposure to sun rays can have certain harmful effects which can be a cause of certain diseases. some of which are fatal.Sun rays are beneficial for [...]

Vitamin A Deficiency Diseases, Treatment And Hypervitaminosis A And Its treatment

Vitamin A: Deficiency Diseases, Treatment And Hypervitaminosis A And Its Treatment

Vitamin A is a group of unsaturated organic compounds that includes retinal, retinol, retinoic acid and some Provitamin A carotenoids. Of all the carotenoids, beta carotene is most important for humans. Vitamin A is essential for growth/development, eyes/vision and proper functioning of immune system. Rhodopsin, a photoreceptor pigment found in the eye’s retina, can only be synthesized with the help of vitamin A. Retinal present in retina combines with a protein called Opsin to form Rhodopsin. Animal foods contain retinol. [...]

Polio Causes, Action, Prevention, Diagnosis And Treatment

Poliomyelitis Or Polio: Causes, Action, Prevention, Diagnosis And Treatment

Poliomyelitis, polio or infantile paralysis is a contagious viral illness that occurs because of infection caused by a viral pathogen called poliovirus. Poliovirus causes paralysis, difficulty in breathing and sometimes death. Poliovirus belongs to the genus enterovirus. Enterovirus genus consists of single stranded RNA viruses that are also associated with many other human diseases including polio. An example in this context is Rhino virus, another enterovirus that causes common cold in humans. Poliovirus has RNA as its genetic material (genome) [...]

8 Types Of Sexual Paraphilia/Sexual Fantasies

Sexual paraphilia is defined as recurring of intense sexual arousals, fantasies, behavior and impulses that relate to non-living objects such as designs, fabrics and things. Unnatural sexual behavior and feelings are also categorized under sexual paraphilia as unnatural sexual arousal can be directed towards non-consenting parties, children and improper forms of sex. When a person has such abnormal sexual thoughts for a time period of 6 months or more, then he/she can be said to being suffering from a [...]

Obesity And Diabetes- 2 Diseases Reciprocally Affecting Each Other

Obesity And Diabetes- 2 Diseases Reciprocally Affecting Each Other

Conveniences of modern life cause the occurrence of both diabetes and obesity in many cases. The technological and mechanical comforts that we gather to make our daily lives more lavish, easy and comfortable (through the usage of machines, automobiles and other modern tools, equipments and gadgets) result in our dependence on these mechanical and technological devices/equipments. With time, our physical activities reduce to very low levels and we incur diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Age, race, family history, [...]


Schizophrenia: Causes And Prevention

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder. It is serious type of disease which affects the thinking process of the human brain. The abnormalities in thinking process ultimately descend down to abnormal acts and feelings. People with schizophrenia may withdraw from worldly chores around them and may be unresponsive to stimuli. They comprehend the real and imaginary aspects of life with difficulty and also are not able to express their emotions in social situations. Schizophrenic people also have false beliefs, confused [...]

Pros And Cons Of Reducing Weight By Using Orlistat

Pros And Cons Of Reducing Weight By Using Orlistat

Orlistat is the most widely used medication for reducing weight. It is taken 3 times a day after meals. It works by blocking the fat metabolism inside the body. Orlistat blocks the fat digesting enzyme lipase from acting on fat present in food. The resultant unmetabolized fat passes outside the body through stools by our digestive system. Orlistat is dispensed in 2 forms. The first is “Alli” which has a smaller concentration of Orlistat of 60mg. Alli is an [...]