10 Home Remedies For Abscess Tooth With Swollen Face

A tooth abscess or dental abscess is also known by other names like root abscess and dentoalveolar abscess. The condition signifies accumulation of pus at any localized area associated with the tooth. Periapical abscess is the commonest of all dental abscess affecting individuals of all ages and periodontal abscess is the second most common one. A bacterial infection is usually the cause of periapical abscess and the bacteria often accumulate in the dead and soft tooth pulp. Broken teeth, [...]

9 Natural Ways To Treat Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis or Jogger’s Heel is a condition that signifies pain in the bottom of foot or in the heel. Most people experience this pain after a period of rest or during the first and initial steps that they take during the day. At this time the pain is very severe but occurs during rest as well at nominal levels. The pain increases to higher limits if the Achilles tendon or heel tightens. Bending of the toes and foot [...]

7 Home Remedies For Diaper Rash

Diaper rashes get formed on skin that lies under the diapers. The condition is found to occur most often in children and infants who are less than 2 years of age. Paralytic or Incontinent individuals (not having sufficient voluntary control over urination) are also known to suffer from the condition. Almost all babies suffer from the condition at-least once during their first 3 years of age and majority of babies are affected by the condition during their first year. [...]

9 Home Remedies For Excessive Sweating Hands

The medical term for the condition of sweaty palms and toes is Hyperhidrosis. The body sweats in order to control the temperature and to keep it moderate levels. When a person suffers from this condition, the sweating is in excess. Areas like arm-pits, feet, hands and groin have the largest number of sweat glands and hence are the most active perspiration regions in the body. When excessive sweating occurs in a certain singular area of the body or in [...]

11 Natural Remedies For Belching And Gas

Belching is also called as burping, eructation and ructus. The term refers to the condition of gas release from abdominal areas or the digestive tract through the mouth. The main stomach areas where the gas is formed and released are stomach and esophagus. Belching has its own peculiar sound and sometimes may even produce false odor. There are many different causes of belching. We may swallow air drinking or eating and expel it later. Drinking of carbonated beverages like [...]

9 Tips For Healthy Skin

All our internal and external organs need care. Skin is an important organ of the body. It is also the exposed organ and hence needs extra care and attention. A diet full of right nutrients, sun protection and cleansing creams and lotions and lifestyle and habit changes help you get a soft, firm and elastic skin. These measures make your skin less prone to damage from external hazardous sources like pollutants and harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. [...]

12 Best Natural Ways To Treat Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease or a disease that arises because of some abnormality that affects the immune system of the body. It is a long lasting disease and is characterized by red patches on skin areas. The patches can also have itchiness. The degree of the disease varies from person to person and hence a person may have patches in localized and small body areas while others may be affected by them throughout the body. The most common [...]

8 Home Remedies For Sinus Headache And Congestion

The air-filled sinus cavities are found in the forehead, behind the nose bridge and in the cheekbones. The sinus system comprises of hollow cavities and forms a well-connected system inside the skull. The largest of the sinus cavities can have an inch of diameter. The cavities drain through the nose channels. An allergic reaction, an infection and a tumor can cause inflammation in the sinus mucosa or the cell linings that from the upper and inner layers of sinus. [...]

11 Migraine Alternative Remedies

Migraine is a kind of neurological disease. A neurological disease is a disorder that affects any part of the nervous system. The characterization of the disease is in the form of severe or moderate intensity headaches. Other autonomic nervous system disorders and symptoms may also occur. The headache that occurs in one part of the brain is symbolic of migraine condition. The headache is pulsating in nature. The pain can last from 2 to even 72 hours at a [...]

7 Pains That Should Not Be Ignored

Pain is a kind of distressing situation that affects a particular body part. It is associated with potential or actual tissue damage and is a very unpleasant emotional and sensory experience. Pain may occur because of an external stimulus or may even occur in absence of any detectable stimulus, disease or injury. There are many different kinds of Pain. Chronic pain lasts for a long time and acute pains have short time duration of affecting a person. The Nociceptive pain [...]

11 Home Remedies For Nausea And Vomiting In Adults

The term Nausea has its origins in the Greek work “Nautia” that means a feeling of being queasy or sick. It is a kind of sensation that induces discomfort and unease in upper abdominal area accompanied or followed by vomiting. Nausea can occur without vomiting also. Nausea is not a specific symptom of any particular disease. The causes of nausea include dizziness, depression, anxiety, sickness, fainting, migraine, food poisoning and gastroenteritis. Medications prescribed during morning sickness (prescribed during early pregnancy), [...]

12 Home Remedies For Headache And Neck Pain

The medical term for headache is Cephalagia. It is a kind of pain that occurs in head and neck region of the body. It can symbolize many different kinds of health conditions that may be affecting your head and the neck region. The tissues of brain are not sensitive to ache and pain as they has no pain receptors. Pain occurs when some brain structures that are sensitive to pain get disturbed. There are 9 brain areas and structures [...]

13 Natural Ways To Treat Allergic Reactions

Allergic Diseases or Allergy is a kind of hypersensitive reaction of the human body’s immune system to an external environmental agent or allergen. Hypersensitivity reactions create intolerance in the body for certain external allergens and are uncomfortable, damaging and in rare cases, fatal. Allergic diseases and reactions include health conditions like food allergies, hay fever, allergic asthma, atopic dermatitis and anaphylaxis (the most serious cause of allergy that has a rapid action and may even cause death). The most common allergens [...]

9 Tips To Prevent Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is called as Anacusis in medical terms. The term is used to denote a condition where a patient suffers from total or partial hearing loss. The condition may affect one or both the ears. Ageing, genetics, frequent exposure to loud noise, birth complications, infections, toxins, medications and certain kind of ear traumas may cause hearing loss. When a person fails to hear 25 decibels of sound in at-least 1 ear, then he/she is said to be suffering [...]

12 Foods Good For Fighting Arthritis

Arthritis is a disorder in the joints of human body and involves inflammation and pain within the joint areas. More than 100 forms of arthritis have been identified till now and the most common of them is osteoarthritis (OA). Other more commonly occurring forms of arthritis include psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and other autoimmune diseases that affect the joints. Arthritis can occur because of an infection, a trauma, autoimmune disorders (when the immune system attacks the body cells [...]

7 Home Remedies For Skin Tags Removal

Skin Tag or Acrochordon is a kind of benign tumor which is very small and is formed in skin areas that have creases. Some of these creased skin areas include armpit, neck and groin. Sometimes they do occur on face also, on the eyelids. Skin tags occur more in women. They may be caused by rubbing of the skin, because of genetic predisposition or because of HPV or Human Pappiloma Virus. They may be symptoms and markers of health conditions [...]

9 Foods To Combat Diabetes

Most cases of Type 2 Diabetes are preventable with lifestyle changes. With proper precautions and through certain lifestyle and dietary changes, many people have also been able to reverse diabetes. You can eat very tasty yet fully well-balanced diet if you are suffering from diabetes. You can also use some foods for preventing the disease, improving your mood, for having higher energy and for attaining good health. The foods for preventing or managing diabetes are easily available as well [...]

11 Natural Ways To Treat Urinary Incontinence

UI or Urinary Incontinence is also known by the name Involuntary Urination. A distressing and common problem, it involves urinary leakage and has large and profound impact on life’s quality. The disease is further classified into 4 types. Urge incontinence occurs because of an overactive bladder. Overflow incontinence occurs because of urethral blockage or improper bladder contraction. Stress incontinence occurs when the bladder does not close fully. Functional incontinence is a result of health problems and medications which makes [...]

9 Natural Ways To Cure Low Back Pain

Lumbago or Low Back Pain affects the bones and muscles of back body area. Almost all of us suffer from the low back pain condition at some point of time in life. Causes of low back pain include degenerative diseases like arthritis, accidental and wrong body movements, forward bending, twisting, lifting, joint/muscle strain, poor sleeping positions. etc. More serious health conditions that may cause back pain include discs degeneration, osteoarthritis, broken vertebra, spinal-disc herniation or slipped disc etc. Sometimes [...]

11 Cancer Causing Foods To Avoid

Cancer is the uncontrolled and abnormal multiplication of cells. The disease is often fatal and should never be taken lightly. More than half of the cancers that occur worldwide are entirely preventable by lifestyle and dietary changes. There are some foods that help prevent cancer. These include green and leafy vegetables, fibrous food like whole grains, organic foods whole, fruits and vegetables etc. There are also certain food items that expose you to a greater risk of cancer. You [...]

7 Home Remedies For Smelly Ear Discharge

The term ear discharge or Otorrhea denotes the drainage of pus, blood, ear wax or any other fluid from ear. Rupturing of ear drum because of injury, loud noise and music, foreign object penetration, water accumulation because of activities like bathing and swimming, pillows with dried and crusted materials, pressure changes like those occurring in airplanes, pathogenic infections and eczema are some causes of the health condition. Many-a-times the ear discharges are accompanied with severe pain, rotten smell in [...]

13 Ways To Get Better Eyesight

Healthy ways to protect your eyesight and ward off vision loss. Protection of vision and eyes is important to preserve eye health and to maintain good vision. By bringing certain changes in our life style and by eating the right food items, we can maintain good vision and also delay the aging of eyes. Here Are 13 Ways To Protect Eyesight And to Delay Vision Loss Quit Smoking Smoking causes various damages to human health. Apart for being a leading cause of many [...]

9 Natural Ways To Treat A Sprained Ankle

How to Take Care Of Sprained Ankle With Natural Remedies. Sprained Ankle or Floppy Ankle is one of the most common medical condition affecting humans. It involves partial or full tearing of ankle ligaments. Ligament is a kind of connective tissue (fibrous). It is the connecting link between two bones. When an ankle gets sprained, the blood vessels in the affected area leak their fluids in tissues surrounding the joints. WBCs or White Blood Cells then migrate to the area [...]

9 Herbs And Spices For Heart Health

The main function of heart is to pump blood in the circulatory system via blood vessels. Blood provides all the body organs nutrients and oxygen. It also helps other organs and body health systems to remove the metabolic wastes of the body. Without heart, the body cannot survive and it is a vital body organ. By improving the blood flow and blood quality, we can improve the functioning of heart. In order to have a better circulating blood with [...]

10 Natural Ways To Treat Brain Cancer

Brain cancer or brain tumor cells are the cells which multiply abnormally within the brain and are formed inside the brain itself. They are also called as Intracranial Neoplasm and can be of two type viz. Benign Tumors and Cancerous Tumors. Benign tumors are localized tumor cells that are unable to further invade neighboring cells and tissues. Cancerous tumor cells or malignant tumor are those cells that divide abnormally and may spread to other parts of the body as [...]

10 Natural Ways To Cure Hangover

Alcohol consumption creates certain very unpleasant psychological and physiological effects that may even last for more than a day. During a hangover the affected person may suffer from drowsiness, headache, problem in attention/concentration, dizziness, fatigue, dry mouth, distress in the gastrointestinal or GI tract, nausea, sweating, anxiety, hyper excitability and other mental and physical disorders. High amount of alcohol consumption causes dehydration, adverse changes in immune system, imperfect glucose metabolism, acetaldehyde accumulation, increase of cardiac output, disturbance in prostaglandin synthesis, [...]

13 Home Remedies For Liver Cirrhosis

When a long term and intense damage occurs to the liver, it fails to function properly. The medical condition/disease thus arising is termed as cirrhosis of the liver. The early stages of the disease have no symptoms. It progresses slowly over time and with aging symptoms like yellow skin, swelling in lower leg areas, tiredness, weakness, itchiness, easy bruising etc occur. Later cancer in the liver may also develop. Main causes of the disease include Hepatitis B and C [...]

6 Ways To Avoid Bladder Infections

Infections in the urinary bladder are also called as Urinary Tract Infection or UTI and Acute Cystitis. The infections that occur in the lower part of the urinary tract are called as Simple Cystitis while those that affect the upper part of urinary tract viz. kidneys are called as Pyelonephritis. The bacteria called as E.Coli or Escherichia Coli most commonly causes this infection in most cases. Some fungi and virus may also cause the infection sometimes. Symptoms of a [...]

6 Natural Remedies For Gallstones Treatment

Gallstones are concentrated components of bile. Bile, also called as gall, is produced by liver, is yellowish brown to dark-green in-color fluid, and helps the body to digest lipids in small intestine. The bile secreted by liver is stored in the gall bladder and when we eat, the brain directs the gall bladder to release bile in the duodenum or small intestine so that the food’s lipids can be digested. The bile juices hence created and discharged may also [...]

8 Home Remedies For Removing Water From Ears

Water can penetrate inside the ear in many conditions and activities like swimming, bath in shower etc are the common causes of it. The condition is termed as Swimmer’s Ear in medical terminology and the term also includes penetration of dirt, sand etc inside the ear canal. The ear contains wax that in most cases does not allow water to penetrate deep inside the ear. But there are situations when the water penetrates deeper and may even cause infection. [...]