Symptoms And Causes Of Rickets 

Does your child experiences weakening and softening of his bones? It could be due to the lack of Vitamin D in the body. Vitamin D is very important for maintaining the density of bones and keeps it strong and healthy. One can get it by including food items that are rich in Vitamin D and consuming sunlight. If your child doesn’t get good amount of Vitamin D from these sources then he can develop deficiency of it and can [...]

Causes Symptoms And Treatments Of Post Nasal Drip

Do you know there are glands present at the lining of nose, air passages, stomach,throat and gastrointestinal tract that secretes mucus on daily basis. This mucus membrane is nothing but a thick and wet compound that helps in keeping these areas moist and is very effective in destruction of harmful substances like bacteria, viruses and fungus before they enters into the body and infects it. It is not possible to see the mucus membrane from the nose as it [...]

10 Symptoms Of Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is one of the dangerous diseases caused due to viruses. These viruses get transmitted to people by the bite of mosquitoes. The deadly and painful symptoms for dengue start about three to fifteen days after one gets mosquito bite which transfers a virus (dengue virus serotype 1-4) to a person. These symptoms occur usually 4 to 10 days after a person is bitten by an infected mosquito. Dengue fever usually results in high fever about 104 F-105 [...]

10 Simple Reflexology Exercise For Knee Pain

In today’s ever active lives, our body takes immense pressure to deal with day in day out activities. Knee being the basement pillar and the biggest ball and socket joint of our body, soaks up maximum amount of it to enable us perform our due duties. With great responsibilities, come great vulnerabilities as well. The biggest sign of wear and tear in the zone is thus exhibited by the very common issue of knee pain, which among others emerges [...]

10 Diet And Foods To Avoid During Ostopenia

Osteopenia is the name given to the condition when your bones are weak, but you are not suffering technically from osteoporosis. This can be measured by a simple scan known as DEXA scan and is expressed in T scores. It is said to be osteopenia when the T score is ranging from -1 to -2.5. Let us discuss about foods to avoid during osteopenia. Osteopenia is a condition that might most likely progress to osteoporosis and if dealt with [...]

11 Effective Home Remedies For Loose Motion

The frequent and loose or watery stool is termed as loose motions or Diarrhea. These loose motions cause loss of water and nutrients from the body. This condition is more common in children then adults. Diarrhea or a loose stomach can happen to anybody anytime and it does not hurt to know a couple of home remedies for the same. Let us see in detail how to tackle a loose stomach without the help of medicines. These Are Home Remedies [...]

15 Healthy Reasons To Eat Banana Daily

Bananas are the most common fruit that can be found easily in the kitchens. This also is one of the very likable fruit for all age groups. Bananas are very beneficial for kids and recommended for toddlers by many paediatrics. Eating fruits and green vegetables has numerous health benefits known to mankind. Contrary to the popular belief bananas causing constipation and weight gainer, bananas can actually helps you in losing weight, and bananas contribute in regulating bowel movements. Out [...]

10 Simple Reflexology Exercise For Neck Pain

Feeling pain in neck, everyone has encountered neck pain at many times in their life, take it as when studying constantly, continues working, wrong posture while sleeping, uncomfortable sitting arrangements wrong choice of pillow, many more reasons that can cause that instant pain in neck that does not goes away easily. These neck pains can be too painful to carry your head over your shoulder like suddenly god has added millions pound weight over your head that is how [...]


Swelling, itching, rashes, constant sneezing, heavy breathing, breathless cough are the most common signs of allergy. Allergy is a disorder of the resistant system causing unfavourable reactions to a particular thing or for instance many things all together that are absolutely not harmful to other people. Allergies make you hypersensitive to the substance one is allergic to. Spring is one such season that may trigger the suppressed symptoms to allergic fits. Taking anti allergic may not always be the [...]

Foods To Eat And Avoid During Pancreatitis

Before getting into the pancreatitis diet regime, it is best to get some information about the medical condition known as pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is a medical condition where the pancreas present behind the stomach gets in flam mated. Pancreas health is absolutely a necessity for the human body functioning due to the fact that it regulates the sugar or glucose level in the body. Pancreatitis occurs when the pancreas does not work effectively and can be caused as an acute one [...]

10 Home Remedies For Tinea Versicolor

Tinea versicolor, also commonly known as pityriasis, is a fungal infection of the skin that mostly affects the young adult individuals. The causative fungal agent, belonging to the genus Malassezia, is an opportunistic pathogen that is usually present on the skin. The abnormal infective property of the fungus is typically induced in hot and humid weather and subsides in the cold and dry winters. Apart from the weather, oily skin, excessive sweating or immunological compromise influences these usually peaceful [...]

6 Home Remedies For Anosmia (Loss Of Smell) And Loss Of Taste

The dual senses of smell and taste work in conjecture to help us detect and try our foods as well as flatter or warn us of any smell that is not necessarily associated with food items. These crucial senses though, can be lost due to many reasons. Among such causes include aging, which is one of the primary reasons that occur due to taste and olfactory nerve degeneration and many others such as nutritional deficiencies, nervous complications, sinusitis, excessive [...]

5 Home Remedies to Reduce Triglycerides

Triglycerides are an important component in our blood that provides us the necessary energy required to carry out different physiological functions. But over consumption of sugary food and beverages as well as lack of exercise enhance the triglyceride to such level that our body could no longer utilize it in proper way and as a result, store them as fat for future use. This fat deposition cause several complications ranging from obesity to posing major risk of heart diseases. [...]

 5 Main Human Genetic Disorders

Genetic disorders are typically caused by abnormalities in the chromosomal content which may involve genetic point or stretch mutations, abnormalities in chromosome number or aberrations in chromosome structure. Whatever the exact type may be, they are almost inevitably inherited down the family to impart incurable and fatal diseases to their next generations. Among many such diseases, 5 main human genetic disorders are described below Sickle Cell Anemia Sickle cell anemia, the hereditary blood disorder, is caused by a point mutation or known [...]

 5 Reasons Of Weight Gain After Surgery

Post surgery weight gain is a very common medical complication that is of major concern on the long run which can lead to complications such as obesity. There are quite a few reasons that might lead to eventual weight gain after a surgery. The Most Prominent 5 Reasons Amongst Them Are Discussed Here Below Sedentary Lifestyle This is one of the major reasons for weight put on in the post surgery period. After the surgery, patients usually require plenty of rest to [...]

5 Important Travel Tips for Pregnant Women

It’s often required to take special care while you are pregnant. Especially while traveling which can be particularly stressful in the condition when you are expecting. But keeping yourself prepared for dealing with the conditions which you are most likely to face, keeps you in charge. Here Are 5 Important Tips For Pregnant Women That Can Be Very Useful While Traveling Always Keep Some Snacks Handy Even in normal times, it’s always important take some food with you while you travel. This [...]

Top 15 Health Benefits Of Barley Water

Barley is a very versatile grain that belongs to the grass family. Although barley can be consumed in various ways, the simplest way of consumption is by making barley water. It is truly multifaceted when it comes to its beneficial properties. Starting from weight loss to dealing with cancer, it has role in almost everything. Here we look at 15 such uses of barley water which can be immensely beneficial to any individual belonging to any age group. These Are [...]

15 Health Benefits Of Eating Mangoes

Mango is widely regarded as the king of all fruits, not just for its incredible taste and bright yellow color, but also for its wide array of health benefits. The following is a nutrition chart, with its corresponding health benefits, for 225 gms. of mango or one cup mango juice: A total of 105 calories, 25% vitamin A (helps with antioxidant levels and aids in vision), 76% vitamin C (also helps with antioxidant levels and boosts immune system), 11% [...]

5 Ways How To Get Rid Of White Spots On Teeth

White spots on teeth are unpleasant conditions that are often caused by damage to the tooth enamel, calcium depositions on teeth or by mineral loss from the internal contents of teeth. They are several home remedies as well as professional ways to treat or prevent this condition. Among them, 5 most effective means are detailed here below. Here Are Ways To Get Rid Of White Spots On Teeth Eat Vitamin D and Calcium Rich Foods Consumption of these components play an important [...]

17 Amazing Benefits Of Caraway Seeds For Your Skin, Hair And Health

Caraway seeds are seeds of Asian origin and are also called Persian cumin or meridian fennel. In Hindi language, caraway is famously called ‘shahi jeera’. They belong to the biennial type of plants. These seeds require a warm climate with abundant sunlight for growth. Caraway seeds have lot of uses and have been used since ages. It is an old herb with number of benefits. Let us have a look at some benefits of caraway seeds which can be [...]

Potassium Deficiency Causes Symptoms And Treatment

Potassium is an element for our body which means that it is required in certain amounts and performs necessary functions. The normal range of potassium in human body is 3.5 - 5 mEq/L and any level which goes below 3.5 mEq/L means there is potassium deficiency and values below 2.5 is severe potassium deficiency. Scientifically the term for potassium deficiency is hypokalaemia. Now before going into the depth of hypokalaemia we must understand why and how it is relevant [...]

Signs And Symptoms Of Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is a type of condition which occurs when body gets exposed to very high temperatures. These high temperatures lead to exhaustion of the body which means it is drained of its energy nutrients and power. Heat exhaustion might happen when your body is experiencing high temperatures and in such conditions performing strenuous work, highly physical work which requires lot of energy. This leads to loss in body water content or in other severe cases loss in body [...]

Types Of Nasal Sprays For Sinus Treatment

Sinuses are the air filled cavities located within the cheek bones, forehead and eyebrows, either side of the nose bridge and the extension behind the nose in front of the brain. Sinus inflammation or Sinusitis is one of the major and common health problems worldwide. People who are hypersensitive and have different kind of allergies, asthma, or have anatomical complications such as deviated nasal septum or polyps in the nasal passage and people with simply weak immune systems easily [...]

11 Foods To Improve Brainpower

Brain is a part of the nervous system. It is one of the vital organs in the body and is the main control unit. Whatever we eat also happen to affect the brain health. Therefore it is important to know what foods are beneficial for the nervous system and help in making brain strong. It is also said that if you eat foods that help in making brain strong, the risk of developing some serious brain disorders. Let us [...]

The A To Z Of Stress Types Symptoms Causes And Effects

Stress is something which affects every one of us in some way. It can also have some really serious consequences. Thus it is important to the A to Zs of stress. Let us have a look on the types of stress. Here Are Stress Types Symptoms Causes And Effects Acute Incidence Of Stress Acute stress is something every one of us has faced at some or other point in life. The occurrence of stress is reason based; once the time passes and [...]

16 Surprising Benefits Of Basil Leaves On Health Skin And Hair

16 Surprising Benefits Of Basil Leaves On Health Skin And Hair

Holy basil which is also known as basil is a very commonly found herb in the Indian household. As the name tells it is considered to be holy and pious. It is believed that having basil planted in the house will keep the environment germ free and healthy; and in such environment God resides. If you see this is scientifically true; holy basil has tremendous anti-bacterial properties which keeps the air germ free and healthy; also it is known to release [...]

12 Possible Heart Symptoms You Should Follow

Heart diseases are the most predominant reason for natural death in humans. Heart symptoms are often misleading and we ignore them too much until the symptoms are evident. Many diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, smoking and diabetes might be a reason for more severe heart diseases which could be fatal. Heart attack occurs when the normal flow of oxygen rich blood into heart is blocked and heart has a shortage of oxygen. If the blood flow is not normalized, [...]

15 Health Benefits Of Asparagus Powder

Asparagus is a popular plant that has been eaten from ancient times owing to the fact that it so delicious. It is known by several other names like Espárrago, Espárragos, Garden Asparagus, Asparagus officinalis, Asparagi Rhizoma Root, Asperge, Asperge Comestible, Spargelkraut, Spargelwurzelstock and also Sparrow Grass. This plant originates in maritime climate and what many people are unaware of is the the newly formed shoots, roots as well as underground stems of an asparagus are utilized for various medicinal [...]

Serious Side Effects Of Chemotherapy

Cancer is a condition where the cells in the body start to develop and grow abnormally. This abnormal growth results in a number of severe health conditions which also includes death. There are number of treatment therapies available for cancer; these include radiation therapy, surgery, certain medications and chemotherapy. We know that cancer cells divide rapidly; Chemotherapy mainly targets at killing and destroying rapidly developing cells in the body with the help of chemicals and thus the name ‘chemo-chemicals’ [...]

Get Rid Of Canker Sore Fast

6 Ways To Get Rid Of Canker Sore Fast

Canker sores as such are not a disease or a serious disorder. It is just a way of your body’s reaction towards something that is unacceptable. Whenever the oral mucosa gets affected or irritated it answers to the irritation in the form of canker sores; like the famous law in science ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’. The reason can be anything ranging from vitamin deficiency or irritation to gastric mucosa or problems with your tummy and [...]