Top 8 Superfoods To Boost Immunity

Imagine a war that breaks at the country's border with foreign countries attacking you. Can you stay safe without a strong army of soldiers on your side? No! Our bodies fight that kinds of wars all the time! It fights antibodies and external agents like bacteria, infections, dusts etc. that attack us. The immune system is responsible for this. To have a strong immune system we are required to nourish ourselves with a good and wholesome diet alongside a [...]

10 Home Remedies For Colds

Catching cold is very common, and all of us catch it from time to time. That is why it is called common cold. It is a viral infection, but there are as many as over 200 different viruses that can infect you with cold. This is why there is no specific vaccination to prevent cold. You have to undergo its symptoms for a while and let your immune system fight it off in a few days. But it is [...]

15 Health Benefits Of Ginger

Ginger is among the commonest herbs and spices that are found in every kitchen. It adds a special aroma and taste to food and accentuates taste. As popular it is in cooking, so is it as a home remedy. Various minor and major health problems get alleviated using gingers. Ginger can be used fresh, dried, powdered or oiled. It has various vitamins, minerals and beta carotene. Learn about the different home remedies where ginger is useful below. These Are Health [...]

Top 10 Home Remedies For Sunburn

We all know how torturing it is to our skin to go out in the summer sun! We not just sweat profusely, but also get burnt by the heat. Man made global warming is to be blamed for the increased heat in the environment for which we are paying by uncomfortable living conditions and related sufferings like sunburn. In case you get burnt by the sun's heat, there are a few quick relief options that you can find at your home. [...]

6 Home Remedy Tips Of Gastritis

Whether or not one knows about any other painful health condition, one knows about gastritis as all of us suffer from it from time to time. It may not be a disease, but it certainly causes discomfort and disrupts our work because of the same. We may experience symptoms like nausea, bloated belly, acid reflux, burning sensation in the stomach, indigestion and sometimes even chest pain. What happens at the time of gastritis is the inflammation of the inner [...]

14 Health Conditions To Treat Using Basil

14 Health Conditions To Treat Using Basil

Basil is a tropical plant that has leaves that are edible, but are not commonly used as a food. It is more popular in herbal remedies as it is filled with several minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients. It is an extremely health boosting plant and in India, where it is called Tulsi, it is even worshipped. Let us learn about the different health conditions where it can heal and how. Following Health Conditions To Treat Using Basil: Blood Impurity The holy basil is a natural blood purifier. [...]

9 Bad Habits That May Give You Back Pain

9 Bad Habits That May Give You Back Pain

Nature has given us a wonderful body and we ought to take care of it. Our bodies even manage to bear stress, wounds and pains, but it has its limits. A common malady suffered by people is back pain. This pain is result of our own mistakes and bad habits. Millions of people are suffering from back problems like slipped disc, spondylitis, neck pain etc. Let us take a look at the common bad habits that are dangerous to [...]

5 Easy Ways To Get Soft Lips With Home Remedies

5 Easy Ways To Get Soft Lips With Home Remedies

Lips are one of the most striking features of our face. For having a beautiful looking face it is crucial to have lips that are soft, supple and pink. But our lips sometimes do not look so. Instead they look dry and dark, even flaky, especially in the winter months. While several cosmetic products are available in the market for lip care, they are but chemical based which makes them harmful in the long run. You can alternatively use [...]

12 Health Benefits Of Cucumber You Need To Know

12 Health Benefits Of Cucumber You Need To Know

Cucumber is among one of the four most grown vegetables in the world. It is very beneficial for the health which is why in the western world it is called a “super food”. It is a storehouse of various vitamins and minerals and best eaten in summers. It is advisable to not keep them cut in the open for long and to eat them soon after cutting them to stay healthy. The following are the health benefits that a [...]

5 Foods That Diabetics Must Have

5 Foods That Diabetics Must Have

While modern lifestyle and comforts have made our lives easier, it has also gifted us some diseases such as diabetes. It is usually considered incurable and needs lifelong care, but one can adjust one’s lifestyle and food habits so as to minimise the dependence on medicines and better one’s health. Having the following foods helps a person suffering from diabetes in reducing the sugar level in the body. Blackberry The fruit, seed and bark of blackberries are all useful for a [...]

11 Natural Ways To Lower Uric Acid In The Body

11 Natural Ways To Lower Uric Acid In The Body

Our bodies naturally produce uric acid as a result of the phenomenon of breaking down the compound “purine” present in many foods that we eat. Uric acid is a necessity of the body as it protects the inner linings of our blood vessels. It is when we have excess of uric acid in our blood that health complications occur. Uric acid levels exceed normal levels when we eat a lot of foods rich in purine or when our kidneys [...]

8 Natural Ways To Relieve Knee Arthritis

Arthritis is a very common disease and has several types, among them osteoarthritis of the knee is the most common. It happens mostly in old age and to people who are obese. In this condition, the cartilage between the bones in the knee joint is thinned due to abrasion and excessive pressure on the joint. This causes inflammation, pain and stiffness of the knees and postures like squatting become nearly impossible for the patient. The basic treatment of it [...]

6 Easy Home Remedies For Treating Sunburn

Happily thinking that it is a bright sunny day, you go out of your home to enjoy the weather without applying the sunscreen lotion and the sun shines a bit too brightly over your skin, leaving you with sunburn. The UV rays of the sun is not good for the skin and besides making fair skins reddened and dark, they may also cause cancer. While the skin has its own way of fighting it by producing melanin, you may [...]

9 Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Green tea has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years and has been considered a super drink by many. Well, it has all right to be called so because of the fantastic health benefits it can give you. Just replace your daily cup of black tea with green tea, and soon you will be feeling younger, healthier and more energetic. This tea of Himalayan origin will not just keep your mind stimulated like regular tea or [...]

14 Ailments That Can Be Cured With Guava

Guava is a tropical fruit that is commonly relished in places like Central America, South America, New Zealand and South Asia. Its pulp is found in different colours like pink, white, yellow and red with many edible seeds inside. It is considered great for health because of the nutrients like Vitamin B & C, folic acid etc. present in it. Let Us Share With You How You Can Treat Different Conditions Using The Fruit And Leaves Of Guava: Heart Problems Take out [...]

8 Health Benefits Of Tulsi

Tulsi or the holy basil is a very popular herb plant in India and is even considered pious because of the innumerable benefits it possesses for humans. It is virtually made for human benefits as it is beneficial in different diseases, health conditions and general living of humans. It contains several nutrients such as vitamins, carbohydrate, antioxidants, beta carotene which helps having a healthier life. Please read on to learn about the different conditions that can be cured using tulsi. Health [...]

5 Home Remedies For Malaria

An ordinary tiny mosquito can in reality turn out to be very dangerous. Malaria is a life-threatening disease that is spread by mosquito bite. All the governments across the globe spend millions of their currency to keep this disease in check, but Malaria still is a big problem affecting many people, especially in the months of monsoon when mosquito multiply in number. What is Malaria? Malaria is a state of high fever. It is caused by an infection by microorganisms that [...]

9 Health Conditions Treatments With Jasmine

Jasmine is a flower that has a very pleasant fragrance and is common in tropical countries. It is usually white in colour, but there are yellow jasmines to be found too. Jasmine flower, roots and leaves, all have medicinal benefits and are commonly used in Ayurvedic treatments. The flowers are also used to make perfume and oil. It is styptic and bitter to taste, of a warm nature and easy to digest. It is very useful in treating ailments [...]

8 Surefire Home Remedies to Get Rid of Cold

Cold is among the most common health problems that effects almost all of us. Some of us are just more prone to it than others. It may not be very difficult to bear, but it does affect our work and peace of mind and when severe, makes us stick to our beds. You do not have to take pharmaceutical medicines to heal it though, because the better way to heal it is through some practical and home remedies. Here are [...]

How To Treat Different Diseases With Blackberries

Blackberry is a monsoon fruit and is very common in tropical countries like India. It has a pungent taste that is somewhat harsh on the tongue and has a drying effect, which makes it undesirable by most people. But it is full of vital nutrients and no less than a boon to people suffering from various health disorders. It has antioxidants, carbohydrates, protein, Vitamins A, B and C and good water content. Let us have a look at the [...]

12 Foods That Fight Ageing

Ageing is a natural process of our lives and we are sure to develop wrinkles on our faces, have weaker limbs as we grow older. But the last two decades has seen people showing these symptoms of ageing much before they are expected to. The prime reason for this is the modern lifestyle and diet. It can be overcome by a smart anti ageing diet that makes you healthy and keeps you looking younger than your real age. The [...]

Top 7 Natural Remedies For Dandruff

Everyone experiences dandruff in their hair some time or the other. If you are having it right now, or have been troubled by it since a long time, you definitely must be irritated with it as it causes constant itching. The dandruff also makes you stop yourself from wearing black or dark coloured shirts or tops. Dandruff happens mostly because of dryness of the scalp, bacterial growth on the scalp, dirt etc. The best idea to become dandruff-free is not [...]

7 Easy Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Body Odour

Body odour is natural to everyone, but in some people it becomes strong and causes strong odour and a menace to the people around them. The air borne bacteria that germinate in the warm and moist areas find a good habitat in human armpits and cause us to have body odour. Every few minutes television channels show the advertisement of some or the other deodorant, but these deodorants just cover up the odour with their scent and do little [...]

Top 6 Home Remedies For Yeast Infection

Three out of four women experience some time during their lifetime the shame of feeling the urge to scratch their private parts. Vaginal itching is caused most often because of a fungal infection known as Yeast Infection. The responsible fungus, Candida Albicans multiplies itself manifold when it finds warm and moist environment, or there is lesser immunity in the body to fight them because of excessive consumption of antibiotics, sugary and unhealthy food, birth control pills and even obesity and [...]

9 Simple Home Remedies For Chest Infections

Chest infections are infections in the lungs or the air passageway between the lungs and the throat and can be very painful and cause constant coughing. The bacteria induced disease can become life-threatening in extreme cases. It is seen to bring along symptoms of chest pain, difficulty in breathing, headache, lost appetite and release of dark coloured phlegm. It affects children and aged people more than the young adults.It is good to seek medical assistance for severe conditions, but mild cases [...]

Simple Home Remedies For Diabetics

Diabetes is disease that can be found in every other home and is a bane for almost lifetime, since the patient needs to monitor himself regularly. In this disease the sugar or glucose level in the blood increases too much because of the low production or effectiveness of the substance, Insulin which is secreted by the pancreas and aids in digesting the glucose. There are several causes of diabetes such as heredity, sedentary lifestyle, binge eating, some complications during pregnancy etc [...]

6 Effective Home Remedies For Jock Itch

It is very embarrassing to scratch your groin in a public area, and this probably can be a regular urge. The itching that you are suffering from may be due to the condition commonly known as Jock Itch. What is responsible for this disease is the fungus called Trichophyton Rubrum. This fungus germinates and thrives in warm and moist area of the body such as the groin, the buttocks and the inner thighs. This condition causes itching, redness, rashes, [...]