Remedies For Sinus

5 Excellent Home Remedies For Sinus

Sinuses are small cavities in the skull that are normally filled with air. These cavities produce mucus which helps to keep nasal passages clear of allergens and pollutants. Sinus is the common and short form of sinusitis. It is inflammation of the tissues that are present inside cavities. In acute case swelling blocks the sinuses and traps mucus and air inside them. The result is pain and headache. Sinus is always painful and wearing whether it is acute or chronic [...]

5 Home Remedies For Foot Odor

Foot odor which is medically known as bromhidrosis happens due to bacterial infection on moist and warm feet, socks and shoes. Bacteria naturally present in your skin grows as it feeds on the sweat, producing foul smell. Lack of hygiene is the main cause of foot odor. Bacteria breed well in dirty atmosphere.Foot odor are really embarrassing. It hampers your personality and appearance. Persons with food odor problem sometimes are avoided, ignored and neglected by other persons. A person who [...]

5 Simple Natural Cures For Acne Scars

Acne scar is the scar left by acne and pimples. It is like double punishment. There is a wrong notion that if you squeeze it will leave marks and if you do not squeeze your acne there is no fear of scar. But, it is not true. If you leave your acne to heal naturally, it will also leave mark. Most serious scarring is caused by the more serious form of acne. Acne scar can make your look devastating [...]

5 Amazing Home Remedies For Uneven Skin Tone

We can hide skins of whole body except the skin of our face under garments. For this reason uneven skin tone can be annoying and embarrassing especially when this uneven skin tone is noticed on face. Uneven accumulation of melanin makes uneven skin tone. The most common reason of this uneven melanin production is too much exposure to sun, excessive oily skin, hormonal imbalance in the body etc. After seeing uneven skin tone people get panicky rush to parlor or [...]

5 Excellent Tips To Prevent Dehydration

Dehydration means lack of water in our body. We sometimes ignore drinking water in our busy schedule of life. Sometimes we do not feel thirsty and urge of drinking does not come especially in this winter. But winter air is dry and it sucks water from our body and leaves it dehydrated. In summer also a great amount of water goes out of our body through sweating. The result is dehydration. The immediate fall out of dehydration is fatigue, ill [...]

Remedies For Burnt Skin

6 Amazing Home Remedies For Burnt Skin

Burning your skin is a common thing especially when you cook your food of your own. But, if the burn is minor that means it only damages the outermost layer or epidermis layer of the skin, you may treat it of your own with home products to reduce the pain and to avoid blister and scar. There are various home products with which you can start the treatment of your burn immediately without wasting any time. This article will give [...]

Five Excellent Home Remedies For Body Itching

Body itching is really an embarrassing problem. We throw off our self dignity and scratch our body like monkey to satisfy the need of our skin. In medical term body itching is known as pruritus. Causes of body itching can be many – insect bite, allergy, medications, excessive dry skin, fungal infection and many more things. Lack of hygiene also becomes one of the main causes of itching. Too much itching of body is not good for skin. It scratches [...]

5 Natural Treatments For Body Aches

Body ache is such a problem which hampers our every day routine. We fail to do our everyday work because of body aches. Regular suffering from body ache also makes us frustrated and depressed as we gradually loose the mobility of our body. Cause of body aches can be many – stress and strain, over exercise, calcium deficiency, little exposure to sun, influenza, vitamin deficiency, dehydration, etc. Even symptom of serious diseases like arthritis, aids, bone cancer, etc. is body [...]

5 Easy Natural Treatments For Lice

Head lice are a common occurrence especially to children. It is an easily transmitted thing and it is an indication of poor hygiene. Generally children bring this problem to home it transmit from one child to another easily and it spreads to elder’s hair at home through pillow cover, towel, comb, brush, etc. common house hold products. Lice problem is an embarrassing problem which makes people panicky. Lice suck blood from your scalp and there is a sense of [...]

6 Excellent Natural Cures For Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating is also known as hyperhidrosis due to which a person stay wet always. It is a very embarrassing situation and it may create odor. In excessive sweating condition a person sweats abnormally for no reasons and in any temperature. There are medications to cure this excessive sweating problem. But there are natural cures too. Among natural cures dieting, regular skin care and regular hygiene are included. You have to follow all these steps accordingly to cure excessive sweating [...]

6 Natural Cures For Constipation

Constipation means that your bowel clearance is irregular. We eat food, body absorbs energy from these foods and the remainder goes out from your body as bowel. When the bowel is not cleared due to some reasons it is told that there is constipation problem. It occurs due to various reasons – stress, lack of exercise, excessive protein intake, lack of drinking water, certain medications, etc. are causes of constipations. Apart from that, constipation is one of the symptoms of [...]

6 Easy Natural Cures For Dysentery

Dysentery is one of the most common diseases and found almost everywhere in the world. It is a disease of large intestine. It is mainly bacterial infection. In this disease there is a discharge of yellowish white mucus and sometimes blood comes out with the stools. There is a feeling of abdominal pain before discharging stool. The main cause of this disease is bacteria which may enter your body through food if you eat dirty food, drink contaminated water and [...]

5 Natural Treatments For Yellow Teeth

A shining set of white pearl like teeth is really a beauty as it sparkles when you laugh or talk and makes you more beautiful. But everyone is not lucky to have that. Most of the people have yellow teeth which they feel ashamed to expose in front of others. They avoid smiling in public places. Causes of yellow teeth may be various. Our teeth may get yellow with age. Hereditary factors also play a vital role. Apart from [...]

6 Easy Natural Cures For Removing Tan

Whether it is summer or winter tanning is always a big problem for all types of skin though soft and sensitive skin gets tan more easily in comparison to other types of skin. Tanning makes our skin dark and rough. Regular tanning also make our skin wrinkled. To avoid it people wear long sleeved dress, apply sunscreen and take other measures. But, they cannot resist it permanently. To get rid of it they take the fairness cream which actually bleaches [...]

Natural Cures For Body Odor: Five Excellent Tips

In one word body odor is scent of your body which is unpleasant to smell. A principal symptom of body odor is excessive sweating. Our body has two types of sweat glands – eccrine and apocrine. Sweat that comes from eccrine glands are mainly salt and water whereas sweat that comes from apocrine glands is fatty acids, odor creating bacteria are born on the skin in presence of fatty acids and creates bad smell. Body odor always makes you [...]

5 Easy Natural Treatments For Cracking Feet

Cracking feet or cracked feet medically which is known as heel fissures, is a common problem that indicates the lack of attention on foot care. Cracking appears on the surface of the skin and it may go deep if it is not cured early. Cracking of feet is first seen on the rim of the heels. The problem of cracked heels also indicates the zinc and omega-3 fatty acids deficiency. Apart from that, prolonged standing, excessive pressure on foot [...]

Five Excellent Natural Cures For Eye Wrinkles

Wrinkles are natural process. It appears on our skin as we grow old. It means wrinkles are sign of old age. But, there are some factors which are responsible for premature wrinkles on skin. These factors are too much exposure to sun, excessive use of harsh chemical rich cosmetics, dehydration, dry weather, etc. Even laughing, frowning, etc. Physical process may create wrinkles on skin. On our body, the skin around our eyes is most sensitive and the aging sign [...]

5 Easy Natural Cures For Dry Damaged Hair

Dry and damaged hair is a common frustration and this frustration aggravates in winter especially when the weather is dry and cold. Normal hair also turns dry in this season. Dry hair looks dull and it gets damaged easily. A good volume of shiny and silky hair is everyone’s dream. For this reason when a person looks at his or her dry damaged hair on the mirror, he or she becomes mad and rush to hair specialist for repairing purpose. [...]

Top 5 Natural Cures For Itchy Scalp

There are various reasons behind the problem of itchy scalp. It may have dietary deficiency for which your body is not getting essential nutrients. Lack of hygiene as well as too much washing your scalp with shampoos and soaps may make your scalp itchy. Because of lack of hygiene bacteria grows on scalp and various infections occur and scalp starts to itch. On the other hand when someone washes his or her scalp too much with different washing products, chemical [...]

8 Easy Natural Cures For Insomnia

Insomnia is lack of sleep at night. People who has insomnia problem, do not sleep at night and remains wake throughout the night. As a result their brain and body cannot take total rest. The result is feeling sleepy next morning. Causes of insomnia are many – lack of exercise, wrong type of diet, stress, strain and many more things. People who suffer from insomnia for a long time, gradually looses their vitality and working power. (more…)

5 Excellent Herbal Remedies For Acne

Acne is a common problem which can appear on skin at any age and on both male and female. Hormonal changes inside our body are the main cause of acne and for this reason acne appears on skin at the time of puberty, pregnancy and menopause. At adolescence period hormonal changes occur inside a male’s body too. For this reason male adolescent children suffer from acne at this time. Apart from that cause other causes are lack of hygiene, [...]

16 Home Remedies For Acidity

Acidity is a condition of stomach that occurs due to intake of a large amount of spicy meal. Our stomach secrets various types of acids because acids help to digest foods but when the excess production of acid creates uneasiness inside our body and this uneasiness is called as acidity. The symptoms of acidity is heartburn, stomach upset, sour tongue and mouth. If you do not take proper care of acidity, it may turn to malfunction of liver and stomach. [...]

12 Home Remedies For Acne

Acne is a common skin problem which is caused due to some bacterial infection. Though adolescent is the time of acne, acne may appear even on the face of a person aged forty. Acne may also appear on the face of pregnant women. Acne should be treated as soon as possible because pimples have a tendency to spread very quickly and leave scar marks. So acne should be treated early and with great care. This article will inform you about [...]