9 Amazing Home Remedies For Hypotension

Home Remedies For Hypotension

Hypotension is nothing but the low blood pressure symptom and a person is said to have hypotension if his systolic blood pressure is less than 90 millimeters of mercury or diastolic blood pressure is less than 60 millimeters of mercury. Blood pressure is usually required for the circulation of blood against the walls of the arteries and therefore, it can easily be concluded that hypotension actually involves a case where the circulation levels of the body are highly effected if a person actually suffers from hypotension.

The results of this hypotension can be fatal at times and all one has to do these is nothing but to take foods and control diet in such a way that it can get to increase the blood pressure of a person in a desired manner. Sometimes, hypotension can also create a stage where the brain as well as some of the other organs lack oxygen and nutrients as there’s no proper circulation of blood and this can finally result in shock as well. In this regard, this article amazingly features some of the best natural remedies that can highy assist a person in getting his blood pressure levels to rise to the desired extent. Therefore it is highly recommended by all the individuals to take a note of these home remedies and get to include them in your diet.

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Below Are The 9 Amazing Home Remedies For Hypotension:

1. Coffee

One of the renowned remedy coffee is well known to increase the blood pressure levels of a person and therefore it is recommended to all the ones who do suffer a lot from the problems of hypotension. Sometimes, widening of arteries or already widened arteries can get to reduce the blood pressure of a person as the blood and the other fluid flows in a high cross sectional area where the pressure would drop drastically.[1] This is all because of the fact that coffee contains some high amounts of caffeine which is well known to block the arteries from widening. From the laws of physics we can easily tell that the blood pressure with usually be high if it’s flowing in narrow arteries. Apart from coffee, people can also consume some of the other drinks which are a bit high in caffeine content. However, it is advisable that you don’t consume coffee too much as caffeine itself has numerous side effects which can trigger many other health issues as well despite of increasing the blood pressure.

2. Drink Excess Water

Sometimes, hypotension can also affect a person due to dehydration and for this, all one has to do is to make sure that he’s hydrated. Dehydration can be a result of many cases such as overheating etc.[2] For this you’ve to figure out the factor which causes that and the keep yourself away from that as far as possible. Apart from keeping yourself free from hypotension, staying hydrated is very much essential for a person as water is required for many of the bodily functions and therefore, it is advisable for aqll the people to drink lots of water daily to keep yourself healthy on the whole.

3. Raisins

Another stunning remedy in this regard and it has to be taken a note of. People with problems of hypotension can include this natural remedy in their diet where it would be a lot better if they get to soak a few raisins one night before consumption.[3] Raisins are rich is nutrients that are responsible for restoring your blood pressure back to the normal state and this is something highly desired for a person suffering from hypotension. Another important thing that has to be kept in mind is that raisins can produce a lot of beneficial effects if it’s consumed with empty stomach and early morning can be the best time for intaking this wonderful remedy.


4. Few Simple Exercises

Aart from maintaining the diet norms, exercising can also be one of the best available ways in keeping your blood pressure levels in check and certain exercises are solely meant for those who are suffering with hypotension.[4] One such workout is actually pumping your feet and ankles to the floor continuously for at least five minutes daily and this is something the cherishes the person on the whole.

5. Salt Consumption

It is a well known fact that people with hypertension are usually advised to reduce salt content in their foods but when it comes to the case of hypotension, the opposite happens.[5] Salt has some high amounts of sodium and low amounts of potassium and this is something that can drastically improve the blood pressure of a person and hence, it is recommended to all the people suffering from hypotension.

6. Olive Oil

Olive oil is one stunning essential that can be highly essential oil especially during the times of hypotension as it’s indeed one of the most amazing remedies that can increase the blood pressure levels drastically and to experience this benefit, all one has to do is to include this essential oil in the diet and consume at least two spoons a day on the whole.[6]

7. Honey

Honey is one such a natural remedy that is easily available everywhere and this sweet remedy can also be regarded as one of the most effective one in handling the cases of low blood pressure or hypotension.[7] One of the best of the available ways of consuming honey is adding a two tablespoons of hone on a basle leaf and consume it daily in the morning. Also basil is one such a herb that is highly effective against low blood pressure symptoms as it has all the vital nutrients to act a lot against such cases.

8. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is highly effective in cases of both hypotension as well as hypertesnsion.[8] Therefore it is highly recommended for all the people suffering from the problems of either of these conditions

9. Fiber Rich Food

Consuming fiber rich food in your diet can be highly helpful as they contain all the essential nutrients that helps a lot in balancing the blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels.[9]

Fiber Rich Food

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