8 Amazing Benefits Of Caffeine For Skin And Health

Benefits Of Caffeine For Skin And Health

All of us or almost all of us prefer to start our day with a hot cup of coffee or tea. As the world is discovering new and amazing benefits of drinking coffee we already know that because coffee and tea always had been part of the family So what makes them such an energy booster and makes us addictive towards it the answer lies in an ingredient of coffee and tea…..Caffeine

So what is caffeine? Caffeine is crystalline drug it has bitter taste and it found in a variety of seeds, plants and has been used by the common man since decades. It is consumed most commonly as tea and coffee but it’s also consumed as soft drinks and other beverages. Caffeine is additive and that’s why there so much debate about its benefits and harms . Caffeine is mood lifter and can bring you out of that drowsiness .Since it is addictive there is always a doubt whether it’s harmful the answer lies in the amount of caffeine you take excess of anything is bad  but when taken in the right quantity that is 2-4 cups a day it has several beneficial effects.

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So Let Us Look At Some Of The Ways Coffee Is Good For You.

Benefits Of Caffeine For Skin:

There are various benefits of caffeine for your skin and that is why a lot of brands are now incorporating caffeine in their ingredients .let’s look at some of them.

1. Fights Premature Aging:

Free radicals are the culprits when it comes to premature aging. Loss of elasticity, appearance of wrinkles all these are signs of premature aging but caffeine with antioxidant contained in it can fight these free radicals and eliminate them. There has been a wide use of caffeine in this regards recently by many skin care companies.[1]

Fights premature aging

2. Remove Those Dark Circles:

There are various reasons for getting dark circles heredity is one of them though caffeine cannot fight heredity but because of its anti inflammatory properties, it can reduce puffiness and inflammation associated with dark circles.[2]  And you don’t have to go anywhere normal tea bags can do the trick for you as they contain caffeine so next time you get dark circles put that moist tea bag on your eyes and relax.

Remove Those Dark Circles

3. Fight That UV Ray:

UV rays have a bad effect on our skin and can cause serious damage caffeine can fight the effects of UV rays.[3] Its antioxidants are one of the strongest substances to fight UV ray damage more than green tea.

Fight That UV Ray
4. Cellulite Reducer:

Caffeine dehydrates fatty cells which lead to the reduction of cellulite giving you a smoother and flawless appearance. Just add instant coffee to your skin scrub and that should be enough.[4]

Cellulite Reducer
Benefits Of Caffeine For Your Health:

5. Fights Diabetes:

If you are regular drinker of coffee you are less likely to develop diabetes because the antioxidants in caffeine help build resistance against it .if you can drink sugar-free coffee that makes it much better.[5]

Fights Diabetes

6. Keeps Your Heart Healthy:

Caffeine leads to constriction of arteries which makes your blood pressure rise if you are not a regular drinker but for a regular drinker, it has less effect. But various studies have pointed out that your chances of stroke are lessened significantly by the use of caffeine. So keep drinking that cup of coffee for a healthy heart.[6]

7. Protects Your Eyes:

Deprivation of oxygen in the Retina leads to hypoxia caffeine can stops that become it’s a powerful neuroprotectant and stops degeneration of the Retina.[7]

Protects Your Eyes

8. Fights Cancer:

If your intake of coffee is 4 cups a day than that reduces the risk of cancer as caffeine fights the development of cancer cells Caffeine also improves your muscle performance during exercise, aids in weight loss and keeps your brain on the edge. [8]So there is a lot more to the coffee or tea you are drinking so keep up with this habit but don’t go overboard.

Fights cancer

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