Top 5 Home Remedies For Peeling Fingernails

Peeling fingernails is a common nail problem, which can cause nails to split and peel off easily. Onycholysis, or peeling fingernail condition, in turn increases the risk of painful injuries and / or infection to the nail bed. The problem of peeling fingernails can be due to numerous medical and non-medical reasons. Long term yeast infection, psoriasis and fungal infections can all cause fingernails to split, peel and crumble completely.

Like our skin, fingernails also require adequate amounts of moisture to remain healthy and strong. Excessive exposure to chlorinated water and / or cleaning agents can dry out the natural moisture content of the nails. Lack of moisture can initiate or aggravate the problem of peeling fingernails. Buffing the nails excessively or changing nail paint frequently, can also weaken fingernails and cause them to peel off. However, a few minutes of dedicated care and some simple home remedies, is all it takes to control the problem of peeling fingernails.

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Home Remedies For Peeling Fingernails

1. Apply Coconut Oil

As mentioned earlier, one of the primary reasons for peeling fingernails is the lack of moisture. Extra virgin olive oil can inject much needed moisture to dry,  peeling fingernails. For added benefit, you can prick a soft gel Vitamin E capsule, and add its contents to the coconut oil. Use a clean cotton ball to apply the coconut oil and vitamin E mixture on the nails. Allow the coconut oil to remain on the nails for ten to fifteen minutes. Remove the excess oil with cotton wool dipped in luke warm water.

Coconut Oil

2. Use Petroleum Jelly

Women who tend to change their nail paint frequently may encounter the problem of peeling nails. One of the best ways to prevent this common nail problem, without compromising on your desire to keep up with latest trends in nail polish is to massage the nails with petroleum jelly frequently. After removing the nail polish, take a pea sized amount of petroleum jelly and work it into the finger nails. Ideally, you should leave the petroleum jelly on your nails overnight and wash it off in the morning with luke warm water.

Petroleum Jelly

3. Apply Olive Oil

Just as hot oil massage deep conditions and nourishes hair, so also immersing your fingernails in warm oil can control the problem of peeling nails. Lightly warm a couple of tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Transfer the warm oil into a shallow glass bowl. Immerse fingernails in the warm olive oil for fifteen to twenty minutes. You can also incorporate a couple of drops of castor oil to the warm olive oil for added benefit.

Olive Oil

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4. Apply Mint Juice

The medicinal properties of mint juice can help to effectively control the problem of peeling fingernails. Extract the juice of some fresh mint leaves. Dip a clean cotton ball in the freshly extracted mint juice. Apply the mint juice on the fingernails evenly. Allow the mint juice to remain on the nails overnight. In the morning wash off the mint juice with cold water.

Mint Juice

5. Use Egg Yolk

A natural way to strengthen weak fingernails and prevent them from peeling is to dip the nails in an egg yolk mixture. Combine the yolks of two eggs with a quarter cup of whole cream milk. Transfer the egg yolk and milk mixture into a shallow glass bowl.

Egg Yolk

Immerse your fingernails in this mixture for ten to fifteen minutes. Wash off the excess mixture with warm water.

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