5 Top Home Remedies For Dark Upper Lip Shadow

Home Remedies For Dark Upper Lip Shadow

It is highly distressing for any woman to develop an upper lip shadow. A dark upper lip shadow which resembles a faint mustache can draw unwarranted attention to your face. Numerous women battle this common beauty problem without much success. Over bleaching the fine hairs on your lip, threading and / or waxing are some common beauty procedures which can cause dark upper lip shadow.

Common female grooming procedures are not the only culprits behind this awkward problem. Bingeing on alcohol and chain smoking cigarettes can also cause the skin above the upper lip to darken visibly. To get permanent relief from this beauty problem you can opt for expensive dermatological procedures. However, there are numerous inexpensive home remedies which can effectively get rid of dark upper lip pigmentation.

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Home Remedies For Upper Lip Shadow

1. Apply Lemon Juice

This is an age old home remedy to lighten dark / pigmented skin. Undiluted lemon juice has powerful skin bleaching properties. To lighten skin pigmentation above the upper lip, apply freshly squeezed lemon juice. Allow the skin to soak up the lemon juice for fifteen to twenty minutes. After the prescribed period, remove the lime juice with a wet cotton ball. Repeat this procedure for a couple of weeks to get rid of the unsightly dark upper lip shadow.

Lemon Juice

2. Apply Almond and Honey

This is a completely safe home remedy to effectively get rid off dark upper lip shadow. Soak five almonds overnight in a bowl of luke warm water. In the morning grind the almonds with a few drops of water to a fine paste. Add half a teaspoon of pure organic honey to the almond paste. Blend the ingredients well and apply the almond honey paste evenly over the upper lip. Leave the paste on the upper lip for half an hour and then wash it off with cold water.

Almond and Honey

3. Apply Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juice not only acts as a natural bleaching agent but it also helps to soothe highly inflamed skin as well. Bleaching or threading the upper lip regularly, can cause this area to become unnaturally dark. These common beauty procures can also irritate the highly sensitive upper lip region. To soothe the sore upper lip skin and get rid of the unattractive skin pigmentation, apply some fresh cucumber juice on this area. Allow the skin to soak up the soothing cucumber juice for fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash off the excess juice with cold water.

Cucumber Juice

4. Apply Milk

To lighten dark upper lip shadow, apply milk topically on this area. The high lactic acid content in milk makes it an excellent skin exfoliating agent. The lactic acid found in milk also helps to brighten the natural skin tone. Take approximately two teaspoons of full cream milk in a small glass container. Use a clean cotton ball to soak up milk. Rub the upper lip region with the cotton ball dipped in milk. Allow the skin to absorb the milk for half an hour. Rinse the upper lip region with warm water. Regular application of milk on the upper lip area can help to lighten the skin pigmentation.


5. Apply Potato Juice

Grate one large potato finely. Extract its juice by squeezing the grated potato manually. Collect the freshly extracted potato juice in a clean container. Dip your finger in the potato juice and apply it evenly over the upper lip. Repeatedly coat the upper lip region with the potato juice at five minute intervals for about half an hour to forty five minutes. After the prescribed period of time, wash off the excess juice with cold water.

Potato Juice

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  • Marina Starklow

    I have tried many skin lightening creams. Dermalmd Skin Lighter serum one seems to work the best. I have darker skin above my lip. Looks like a moustache. Not good, unless that becomes attractive on females! It takes awhile to see improvements.