12 Important Herbal Remedies For Dry Skin

12 Important Herbal Remedies For Dry SkinA person is said to be suffering from dry skin, if he/she experiences severe itching, redness and irritation of the skin. The skin loses its moisture and becomes dry, flaky and scaly in appearance. Dry skin is a very common problem that many people suffer from especially during the winter months and dry weather.

Dry SkinPeople of all age groups can be affected with dry skin, however,  it is most commonly seen in elderly people, as the skin tends to loose its moisture with age. If left untreated dry skin may cause severe rashes, cracks and skin ulceration due to repetitive scratching. People suffering from asthma, thyroid, allergies, eczema etc, are more prone to suffer from dry skin problem. Below mentioned are some important herbal remedies which help in getting rid of dry skin.

Important Herbs For Dry Skin

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a very important magical herbal remedy for preventing dry skin. Aloe vera is famous for its property to hydrate, nourish and soften the skin. Aloe vera is also renowned for its humectant property which helps the skin in retaining its moisture.

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Aloe VeraThis herb also promotes the formation of collagen, thereby helping in rejuvenating the dead skin cells. Aloe helps in protecting the skin against the sun’s harmful rays and is the best natural moisturizer available. Aloe vera can be applied on the dry skin in form of gel, cream, lotion, raw extract etc.


Comfrey is an ancient herbal remedy used by Greeks to soothe the irritated skin caused by excessive dryness. Comfrey is famous for its property to reduce inflammation and pain caused due to dry skin.

ComfreyIt is also very useful in treating other skin conditions like sores, skin ulceration etc. Comfrey creams and oils are easily available in the market and can be applied externally for immediate relief against dry skin.


Safflower is yet another very effective herbal remedy used for treating dry skin. Safflower helps in softening and soothing the skin, thereby reducing its dryness. This herb is a natural anti-oxidant and rich in Vitamin E, which helps in keeping the skin moist and hydrated.

Safflower OilSafflower oil also helps in preventing the damage caused to the skin due to sun rays and prevent the loss of moisture by creating a barrier in the skin pores. Safflower can be easily applied on the skin in form of oil, lotion, cream, gel etc.

Argon Oil

Argon Oil is a very important herbal remedy used for curing dry skin. Argon is a natural emollient and very rich source of Vitamin E. This herb helps in stimulating the production of squalene, thereby reducing the dryness of the skin.

Argon oilArgon oil helps in maintaining the moisture of the skin, prevents the occurrence of wrinkles, stretch marks and reduces the aging signs of the skin. Argon oil deeply hydrates the damaged skin cells, thereby curing dry skin condition.

Borage Seed Oil

The oil obtained from the seeds of Borage, is a very good herbal remedy for dry skin. The borage oil helps in soothing and softening the skin. It is also rich in fatty acids and has a purifying property, which makes it a very good natural moisturizer for the skin.

Borage seed oilBorage oil is very effective in curing the dryness of the  skin caused due to sun exposure and increased age factor.

Jojoba Oil

The Oil of Jojoba seeds is another very effective herbal remedy for dryness of the skin. Jojoba oil is rich in fatty acids and  is very similar to that of the sebum oil produced by the human glands.

Jojoba Oil TreatmentThe Jojoba oil helps in softening and soothing the skin, without clogging the pores of the skin. It is very easily absorbed by the skin and helps in keeping it hydrated, thus prevent dry skin.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is a very ancient and renowned herbal remedy to cure dry skin. Almond oil not only helps in softening the skin, but is also very effective in reducing the inflammation and itching of the skin caused due to dryness.

Almond OilIt is a very good source of Vitamin E and also helps in removing the dead skin cells, thus providing a natural glow by re-hydrating the skin tissues.

Apricot Oil

Apricot oil is yet another very essential herbal treatment for dry skin. Almond oil is easily absorbed into the skin without giving a greasy feel. It helps in hydrating skin, lightens the wrinkles and dull skin, thereby providing a sheen of health glow.

Apricot oilAlmond oil helps in getting rid of the itching skin caused due to dryness and advanced age. It gently moisturizes and nourishes the skin, thus getting rid of the dryness.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a very good herbal remedy for damaged and dry skin. The oil of coconut helps in creating a barrier which traps the moisture inside and skin and prevents it from becoming dry. It also helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells, thereby,  giving the skin a smooth appearance.

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Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil is very good for getting rid of dry skin. It is most commonly used by Polynesian women to soften and sooth the skin. It is a natural skin tonic and helps in hydrating the skin. It is also very effective in treating other skin conditions like- acne, sunburns, eczema etc.

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Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil is very effective and essential herbal remedy for getting rid of dry skin. It is rich in vitamin E, which helps in rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin.

Wheat Germ OilWheat germ oil is also very rich in other vitamins like A, B, C and which, which help in reducing the irritation and redness of the skin caused due to excessive dryness. It is also famous for its anti-oxidant properties and is an important ingredient of many facial creams for dry skin.

 Olive Oil

Olive oil has been used since ancient times to get rid of dry skin. Olive oil helps in attracting and trapping the moisture in the skin tissues, thereby getting preventing dryness.

Olive OilIt is also very rich in vitamin E and anti-oxidants, which helps in re-hydrating the skin and improve its elasticity.

Olive oil is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it hydrated, smooth and supple.

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