Know The Dehydration Causes

Dehydration is one of the most common after effects of stomach troubles, infections and food poisoning. If left untreated the condition can even become fatal. The immediate causes of dehydration include consuming less amount of water, excessive water loss due to stress and sweat and most of the time both these causes lead to dehydration.



Sometimes we ignore the consumption of enough fluids due to our hectic work schedule. But the aftermath of such ignorance can be dangerous and it can even lead to death. Along with these causes there are some important causes that are listed below.

Different Dehydration Causes


Diarrhea is one of the major causes of dehydration that leads people to death for sure. Diarrhea makes the system futile that makes the large intestine absorb a large amount of water from the food materials.


Therefore, it is evident as the water does not get the scope to get into our body we suffer from the loss of water that raises the chances of dehydration. Diarrhea can be caused due to food poisoning, indigestion and other troubles associated with the improper digestion system.


Vomiting can be helpful at times for you as it releases the extra amount of food or drinks that can trouble your body. But too much vomiting can prove to be dangerous for you as it takes away a large amount of fluid from the body and this loss of fluid is difficult to be replaced even by drinking water.


The loss of such large amount of fluid and water may cause dehydration and lead people to death if left untreated.


Sweating is known as the cooling mechanism of the body that can be dangerous for health at times as it releases a large amount of water. The damp and hot weather and the physical activities force fluid loss because of sweating. Excessive sweating can tire your body to such an extent that it becomes impossible to replace the quantity of fluid that is lost due to sweating by drinking water. Therefore, excessive sweating also can be a vital cause of dehydration that may even lead to death.

Excessive Sweating


Diabetes highlights the high blood sugar levels and raises the chances of the urination and ensures the loss of the fluid from the body. Unrestrained Diabetes is mostly known as the sole reason of frequent urination (as many as 30 times a day) that causes frequent dehydration. Sometimes consumption of excessive alcohol and medicines like diuretics and antihistamines as well as medicine for blood pressure can cause frequent urination that ensures excessive water loss and brings a possibility that can lead to dehydration.



Burns or wounds are also proved to be a frequent cause of dehydration. It is evident that our skin can absorb anything applied on it. But burns and wounds damage the outer parts of the skin and prevent them from absorbing the things applied on it and leads the body to lose huge amount of fluids or liquids. Thus, this cause needs immediate treatment of the affected area in order to prevent further health complications. Constant liquid intake is essential.

Burns or Wounds

The problem of dehydration can get acute and even become fatal if the patient is not taken under immediate medical care. Also prohibiting smoking and drinking alcohol is essential at this stage.