Memory Loss [toc]Memory loss can occur for a variety of reasons and is quite common among many as ageing occurs. Even though there are various effective treatments available, home remedies of natural ingredients are very effective. This is because the home remedies are inexpensive, effective and safe at the same time. These home remedies for memory loss not only aims at improving the memory but also enhances the memory skills.

You would be surprised to find that the many home remedies are available in the kitchen shelves, cupboards and spice boxes which might have always found a permanent place in your kitchen. Discover the various remedial qualities to find out how effective they are in treating your memory loss.

Home Remedies for Memory Loss From the Kitchen


Pistachios The home remedies from the kitchen cupboards, such as, pistachio nuts are very helpful in treating memory loss. These are packed with loads of thiamine and the shortage of this may cause memory loss . Having a half cup of pistachios daily would offer 0.54mg of thiamine which in turn would help to enhance the memory.

Wheat germ

It is another home remedy for memory loss that is an abundant supply of vitamin E and is known as an effective medicine to treat memory loss caused while ageing.


The home remedies for memory loss that are available from the refrigerator would be artichokes. Eating artichokes in the form of any recipe you like or following a simple recipe such as pulling the leaves of artichoke and place them in a vessel and add enough water to cover it aptly. Cover this vessel with a lid and place it in a bigger pan with water.

Let the pan to boil for about two hours and make sure you add enough water to pan if necessary. Then strain the artichokes in the jar and gently squeeze it to extract all the juice. This elixir of artichoke is very effective for memory loss and consumes about 4 tablespoons every day.

Blue berries

Blue berries They play a vital part in curbing memory loss as it is a rich source of antioxidants and is proving very effective in treating short term memory loss. Eat these little luscious berries in the form of cakes, puddings, ice creams or as it is to stay with an active memory.


Carrots are a memory booster as they have carotene. Consume them in their raw form, cooked or as casseroles to get their goodness. You can also make a juice with this orange vegetable and apricots which too are very effective home remedies for memory loss.


Including eggs regularly in your diet would also improve your memory loss as it contains lecithin. This effective ingredient of the egg makes the nerve cells to stay alert and healthy.

Various Seeds

Sunflower seeds Sunflower seeds and soya bean oil are also known to be rich sources of lecithin. This is also available in its purest form as capsules. Taking about 70 gms daily would trigger good memory capacity and is a popular one among the other home remedies for memory loss. Consuming almonds and milk are also very effective in treating memory loss in kids and adults.

Herbal tea

Consuming herbal tea from the herbs available in your spice rack such as basil, rosemary, marjoram and sage are also effective home remedies for memory loss. Adding about ¼ tsp of any of these herbs to a cup of boiling water and brewing them for five minutes would make an excellent remedy for memory loss.

These herbs are also available as essential oils, which can be blended with olive oil and add a few drops to your bath water prior to bathing or massage your neck and forehead before proceeding to a warm bath. This would also help to rejuvenate your memory. Having daily supplements of vitamins B6 and E would also act as an effective remedy for memory loss.


Some of the other popular home remedies for memory loss are eating a walnut every day as a part of your diet.

Honey and Fig

Honey and Fig Having honey every day in any form you wish is also an effective memory booster. You can have  five figs every day, stir up different varieties of pumpkin and consume once a week to curb memory loss.


Regular consumption of apple with peel, as the peel is rich in anthocyanin, will help a lot.

Juice of Wheat

Drinking the wheat juice daily is also proven to improve memory power and cure mental disorder. Following these in everyday diet will help to improve your overall well being of your body and also will eventually improve the memory capacity.

Vegetables and Fruits as Home Remedies for Memory Loss

Vegetables and Fruits Some of the vegetables that are also memory enhancers are okra, sweet potatoes, tapioca and spinach. There are also some fruits such as oranges and apples that have a high amount of antioxidants and quercetin offers protection from Alzheimer’s disease.


Consuming vegetables, such as, spinach that has folic acid helps a lot. Folic acid cures memory loss caused by ageing and safeguards against Alzheimer’s disease. Half a cup of cooked spinach would offer 2/3rd of folic acid required by your body and it acts as a memory enhancer.


Onions are also used as a memory loss cure and have found intense use in India and other Asian countries for many centuries together. The red onions are popular because they have loads of anthocyanins and quercetin, which are memory enhancer.

The white onions and yellow onions have abundant amounts of quercetin. Choose these onions in your daily diet as they are effective home remedies for memory loss. Broccolis are also an effective source of folic acid and quercetin, which helps you improve your memory.

Grapes of various colors

Grapes Grapes of red, purple or black color are also rich in anthocyanin and quercetin which also betters the memory and enhances it. Hence having a glass of red wine that has these antioxidant rich grapes offers the many essential phytochemicals helps in improving the memory.

Different Red Colored Foods

Adding lots of red foods, such as, red beets, red cherries etc to your diet that have rich amounts of anthocyanins and folic acid are also effective home remedies for memory loss.