Generally tumors can be of different types including cancerous and non-cancerous. Often non-cancerous tumors can be treated easily but the cancerous tumors may require critical treatment which may not be helpful sometimes. Fibroid tumors come under the category of non cancerous tumors.


These are formed inside the muscular wall of the uterus. It is mostly prevalent in women who are at the menopause phase or women who are affected by other disorders. Often these fibroids do not cause any symptoms as to diagnose easily that they have fibroid tumors.  The ones that are large in size may cause pain in women during their menstrual cycles. Otherwise, the symptoms of this tumor are heavy bleeding, menstrual pain, back pain during the periods and sometimes increased size of the abdomen area. These can be treated easily using simple surgical procedures or else these can also be treated to reduce the symptoms only using simple remedies. However, one should always consult a doctor before considering the remedies as an option for treatment.

Herbal Remedies To Treat Fibroid Tumors

Chaste Tree

This herb is the most common herb that is used to treat menstrual related problems in women. Often in menstrual cycle, one suffers from high stomach pain, heavy bleeding, back pain, nausea and many others. Chaste tree herb works effectively in treating few of these symptoms. Also, with fibroid tumors one may experience irregular cycles.

Chaste Tree

This herb consists of flavonoids that act on the brain, thus improving the release of the luteinizing hormone and bringing in the hormonal balance. This leads to getting back to normal and regular menstrual cycle. The dried chaste is powdered and it can be taken one to two times on a regular basis. However, it has side effects and one should stop taking if one experiences any illness.

Grape Seed

Grape seed extract is used for the treatment of fibroid tumors. It is readily available in the form of oil and it is used as a treatment option for various kinds of diseases. The crucial element of this herb is the antioxidants it has. These antioxidants improve the overall blood ciruculation in the body, thus bringing in balance in the body.

Grape seed

The amount that should be taken is one milligram a day. One should be cautious while this is decided as a option as it has side effects and risks if it is taken in large amounts or one is on other medication. It regulates the bleeding during the menstrual cycle and thus giving relief for the patient.


Ginseng is the most traditional herb that has been used for treating various kinds of diseases for many years. It is taken in the form of a supplement or in combination with other herbs depending on the type of disease. It is also taken in the form of tea.


So, to give relief from the symptoms of fibroid tumors it is also recommended to be taken in the form of tea. This tea can be used for one or two times in a day. It acts on alleviating the pain that is associated with the menstrual periods. Anyway, before taking in to account ginseng as a treatment option one should consider the side effects that comes with it.

Black Cohosh

This herb is available in various form be it dried root, capsules or as a supplement in other medications. The most common form in which it can be used is the form of tea. It is recommended to be taken as tea on a regular basis for treating a disease. It also works effectively on treating the symptoms of fibroid tumors.

Black Cohosh2

The symptoms of fibroid tumors that are considered to be treated by black cohosh are night sweats, hot flashes and heavy bleeding. The anti-depressant property of this herb works on the related symptoms. It is cautioned that this herb cannot be used for a long period of treatment as it may lead to other problems.

Licorice Root

Licorice root is the most common herb that is used to treat various kinds of diseases. It is considered to be sweet and can be used for pediatric treatments too. Fibroid tumor symptoms can also be treated using this sweet herb. This herb is considered to have less side effects when compared to other herbs. Abdomen bloating is the effect of the fibroid tumors or irregular menstrual cycle in women.

Licorice Root

Taking licorice root on regular basis reduces the fluid retention and bring down the blood sugar levels to normal. It can be used in combination with other herbs that reduces the estrogen levels in the body bringing in hormonal balance.